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Euros Hot at World Money Fair
By Tom Michael
February 04, 2008

My past week has been spent at the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany. This is without much doubt the world's largest show for Mints, Central Banks, coin equipment manufactures and suppliers. In short, it's the single best numismatic trade show on the globe.

With that in mind, let me say that my concentration this week has been heavily skewed towards modern issue coinage, the Berlin show's greatest strength. With mint announcements about new issue programs and all the choices available to the general collector, interest still seems strongest in Euro coinage. When dealers dropped prices for special offers, even if only for a day or an hour, people swamped their booths with money in hand, ready to buy.

Dealers who had only classic 19th Century material seemed to have good activity on the first day of the show, presumably from regular numismatic customers. General public sales gravitated towards Euro coins, both circulation issues in special packaging and proof collector coins in silver.

- The first European silver one ounce bullion coin, Austria's silver 1.5 Euro, sold like wildfire on its first few days of issue here at the World Money Fair in Berlin.

Euros Hot at World Money Fair

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