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U.S. Mint Fractional Gold Buffalo Coins Available
By Jaime Hernandez - July 22, 2008

On July 12, 2008, the U.S. Mint began offering the much-anticipated and extremely popular Fractional Buffalo Gold Coins directly to the public. In 2006, the U.S. Mint resurrected Earle Frasier’s Indian Head Chiefs composite, along with the Buffalo design, for the first time ever on a gold coin. These captivating and nostalgic designs were resurrected from the popular 1913 Type I Buffalo nickels.

Since the inception of the Gold Buffalo coins in 2006, the coins were an instant hit and today they continue to be extremely popular with investors and collectors nationwide. Now, the U.S Mint will take collecting .999 coins to another level by offering Fractional Gold Buffaloes in four different sizes and denominations for the uncirculated and proof versions.

For the Uncirculated Fractional Gold Buffalo coins, customers will have the option of ordering a one ounce ($50) coin for a price of $1,059.95; the half ounce ($25) coin at a price of $539.95; the quarter ounce ($10) coin at a price of $289.95; and finally, the tenth ounce ($5) coin priced at $129.95. Customers will also have the option of ordering the four different fractional coins as a four-piece Uncirculated set for a price of $1,959.95. If purchasing the four different Fractional Gold Buffaloes in the four-piece uncirculated coins set (as opposed to purchasing them as singles) customers will be able to save a total of $59.85.

For the Proof Fractional Gold Buffalo coins, customers will be able to order the one ounce ($50) coin for $1,199.95; the half ounce ($25) coin for $619.95; the quarter ounce ($10) coin for $329.95; and the tenth ounce ($5) coin for $159.95. For the four-piece Proof set containing all four denominations, the price will be set at $2,219.95, or a savings of $89.85 vs. ordering the coins as singles.

All Fractional Buffalo Gold coins are composed of .999 (24 karat) gold. All proof and uncirculated coins will bear a “W” mint mark indicating they were produced at the West Point Mint. As of this writing, there are no production limits or ordering limits on the Fractional Gold Buffalo coins. Customers may order the coins by visiting the U.S. Mint website at www.USMint.com or by calling the Mint at 1-800-USA-MINT.

Customers wishing to preserve these beautiful and captivating coins, and ensure their condition for many years to come, can send their coins directly to PCGS. Our expert graders will examine the coins’ condition and assign them a numerical grade. The coins will then be placed in tamper-evident holders with a money-back guarantee for as long as the coins remain in the PCGS holder.


U.S. Mint Fractional Gold Buffalo Coins Available
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