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What makes Gold Coins a good investment?
April 13, 2009

A smart investor really should understand the basics of buying gold bullion as the best option for security. Predictions are flying left and right about when and how this economy will right itself and if the bailouts will work. The General Motors bailout might be a rousing success. The worst case scenario is that everything fails and countries get pushed even further into debt. You can read as much as you want, but the conclusion you will probably come to is that it is too soon to tell. There is no way an average person could accurately predict what awaits the global economy. Without a birds eye view of all the matters concerned, it is not easy to get an accurate understanding. Only those that plan wisely will prosper in this recession.

While nobody can see what is coming, we can all look at the past for lessons. The thing we can rest our financial hopes on is a commodity, a super commodity called Gold. No matter what happens in the economy, right now is the time to start investing in gold.

This is the modern gold rush, only we aren’t panning for it, we are pining for it. Let us share two reasons this is the case:

1- It’s hard to rely on paper money when so often in the past it has lost all of its value, while never in thousands of years has the gold market crashed.

2- Gold stocks and gold ETFs are manipulated by the very same people who have driven this market into the ground, falling prey to these schemes has cost many their fortunes.

Essentially, when times get tough, the tough buy gold. It’s plain to see that these billions and trillions of dollars don’t just print themselves out of nothing. Somebody will have to deal with the consequences. For those who have put their assets in secure and safe havens, there is much less to worry about. A huge hint that gold is secure is the simple fact that major banks hold their assets in physical gold.

Now don’t forget the importance of owning actual glittering gold. Not the paper gold certificates or stocks. Admittedly these kinds of investments to have their purpose when thinking in the short term, but they actually devalue the longer you have them. To begin your investment you can’t go wrong with krugerrand gold coins as they are highly prized for collectors. Think long term when making your gold investment and you will be much safer.

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What makes Gold Coins a good investment? Gold Coin Investments

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