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Ron Paul can 'turn this ship around'
Published: 2/2/2008 12:28 AM

David Walker is basically the head accountant for the US government. He's going around the country on a fiscal wake-up tour shouting how poorly the government's books look. We cannot afford the welfare state and entitlements system we have now, yet cradle to grave, Democrats are proposing big government to hold our hands and give us even more entitlements.

On the opposite end of the aisle, the Republicans have lost their way and are using fear of the boogey man to try and scare us into the warm embrace of a falsely secure bigger government, bent on maintaining an overextended and costly empire. Does anyone remember what happened to Rome?

Economics appears to be the main issue on everyone's mind. Socialism is proven to fail but the appeal does not seem lost on many. While free markets are core to the Republican platform, McCain defers to Greenspan for any economic question (who quite arguably caused the housing bubble) if he even understands the question. This country is in need of a fiscally conservative leader more than ever in her history.

One who has extensively studied economics. Someone with a background in health would be encouraging too, a doctor perhaps. And certainly one who adheres to the ideals our forefathers set out that made this country so prosperous.

Is a fiscally responsible constitutional doctor economist merely an unobtainable wish list candidate? Not in 2008... the only candidate that can turn this ship around is Ron Paul. Google Ron Paul or call (877) Ron-Paul.

Mike Taveirne

Third Lake

Gold market

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