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There's more than meets the eye in the silver market
by Mike Sussman

Gold and silver bullion have served as primary monetary metals. They are convenient, divisible, have utility value, and cannot be created by law. However, unlike gold, silver is mainly used as an industrial commodity. For the past three decades, industrial demand for silver has grown. The reason for this growth is that silver is strong, malleable, and ductile. It has great electrical and thermal conductivity; it is sensitive to and highly reflective of light; and it can endure extreme temperatures. Silver is also used in health care products because it has antibacterial qualities. It prevents bacterial infections in burn victims. Some wound dressings use a layer fabric containing sliver to prevent secondary infections. It is being used on a worldwide basis for its antimicrobial qualities.

Most of the world’s easily available silver has already been consumed for industrial use. An estimated 95% is gone forever. There were approximately 12 billion ounces of silver in the world in 1900. Today there are about 300 million ounces of refined sliver. At the current supply level and price, it would take about four billion dollars to purchase all of the above-ground silver in the world.

World conditions are bullish for the silver market. With increasing geopolitical instability and the macroeconomic environment in which we live, silver’s historic role as a store of value will increase. In addition, there is increasing demand because industrial use is greater than available new supplies.

Silver prices have been extremely volatile, which makes it attractive as an investment vehicle. Purchased over time using dollar-cost averaging or on downward dips in price, the accumulation of silver can add value and diversity to a portfolio in uncertain times. It is also useful as an inflation hedge and an insurance policy against economic risk. There are unparalleled opportunities for future growth because of silver’s unique properties and value.

In addition to being available in 1,000 ounce silver bars, sliver is also available in 100 ounce bars, which are more convenient to transport and store. Ninety percent silver coin is also available for bullion purposes from many coin dealers and can be purchased in bags of $1,000 and its divisions. Various modern mints have produced .999 fine silver coins.

Since 1986, the United States Mint has produced the American Silver Eagle series. It is a .999 silver bullion coin that is available in both uncirculated and proof forms. The American Silver Eagle coin’s obverse is a modification of Adolph A. Weinman’s Walking Liberty dollar. The reverse is a heraldic eagle that was modified by John Mercanti. It weighs 31.101 grams, is made of .9993 silver and .0007 copper. Its net weight is one ounce of pure silver. Its diameter is 40.6 mm; and it has a reeded edge. These are legal-tender bullion coins with a one dollar face value. Their content and purity are guaranteed by the federal government. The American Silver Eagle is the only silver coin allowed to be used in IRA accounts.

We like brilliant uncirculated rolls of pre-1964 US silver coins , brilliant uncirculated sets of Franklin Half Dollars and brilliant uncirculated rolls of Morgan and Peace silver dollars as a great way to invest in silver and the kind of basic silver Numismatic coins that almost everybody likes.
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