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The Half Eagle was the very first gold coin struck at the United States mint. Starting in 1795, the Half Eagle became the only U.S gold coin struck in each of the 8 U.S mints may or varieties exist in the early series with several appearing for sale very infrequently, sometimes not being seen for years.
The Small Eagle design Half Eagle by Scot, was one of the first acts that the then new mint director Henry William DeSaussure had proclaimed (one of 2, first to place gold coins in circulation, and second to improve an coin designs in general). The series ran for only a short terms 1795 thru 1798 with 1798 being a major variety commanding multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars in better status of preservation.
A serious prize for specialists as well as investors of items of great historical importance, these Early Half Eagles have captured the imagination of collectors since they were first made.

They are all scarce to extremely rare and a symbol of the beginning of the United States via its coinage and coined art.

Only seven examples are known of this exceedingly rare variety, the finest being a single AU-55 coin from the Farouk collection. The reverse was a definite holdover from previous years, having seen service for one of the 1795 varieties. The reuse of the reverse in 1798 Half Eagle has been attributed to an emergency created by a yellow-fever epidemic that year, but it may have been simply an economic necessity due to the high cost of dies. All examples have an arclike die crack or flaw beneath the date. Since 1991, only one example (a PCGS EF-40) has appeared at auction-first in 1999, when it was bought back by the consignor for $275,000; and again in 2000, when it sold for $264,500. Note: this coin is included among the 100 Greatest U.S. Coins (Garrett and Guth 2005).

We at U.S. Rare Coin Investments highly recommend these Early Half Eagle coins for investments portfolios. Whether a single coin or the long term acquisition of them with the goal of building a set in terms of historical importances as well as longterm profit potential, cannot be overstated in our opinion.


USRCI is buying and selling Early Half Ealges

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1798 Half Eagle - Information about 1798 Half Eagle

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