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1858-S Double Eagle

1858-S Double Eagle

1858-S Double Eagle or $20 Gold

PCGS No:  
Circulation strikes Mintage: 846,710
Proofs: 0
Designer: James Barton Longacre
Diameter: ±34 millimeters
Metal content: Gold - 90%
Other - 10%
Weight: ±516 grains (±33.4 grams)
Edge: Reeded
Mintmark: "O" (for New Orleans, LA) below the eagle's tail on the reverse.


Although there were obviously no examples of the 1858-S double eagle aboard the S.S. Central America, there were 68 examples found on the S.S. Republic. Most were in About Uncirculated condition, with just a few at the lower end of the Mint State scale. Not surprisingly, most of the 1858-S double eagles seen are low grade and heavily abraded, as the issue saw heavy commercial use. Very few examples were saved, and in Mint State this issue is very rare. A PCGS MS-63 coin sold privately in the summer of 2005 for $55,000.

Key to Collecting: The 1858-S double eagle is readily available in circulated grades such as VF ana EF, but is rare AU, especially if with good eye appeal. Mint State coins are rarities and mostly congregate at or near the MS-60 designation.

Aspects of Striking: Usually well struck.

Die Data: Standard four-digit logotype punch for this year. Twelve obverse dies were provided for this coinage, but some probably remained unused. The supply of reverse dies on hand was diminishing, and 6 new reverses were sent from Philadelphia. Medium S mintimrk (1.3 mm).

Number of Appearances: 126 (28%)
High Grade Condition Points: 52
Average Grade: VF-36

Auction Records:

(13) Unc: Stack's 9/81; New England 7/80; Kagin's 2/80; Stack's 6/79; Paramount 9/78; New England 7/77; ANA 1976; ANA 1975; Stack's 6/74; DiBello 1970; Walton 1963; Wolfson 1962; Holmes 1960

(26) AU: Kagin's 9/80; Stack's 12/79, 10/79; ANA 1979; Stack's 6/79; Ivy 1/78, 10/77; New England 7/77; Paramount 4/77, 1/77; Stack's 11/76; B&R 10/76; Paramount 5/76; Stack's 4/30/75; AAA 11/74; Paramount 2/74; ANA 1971; Paramount 11/69; Miles 1968; Kern 1950; Atwater 1946; Bell 1944; Olsen 1944; Roach 1944; Dunham 1941; Ten Eyck 1922

(37) EF: Coin Galleries 9/81; Stack's 3/81, 3/80, 2/80(2), 12/79(2); Superior 10/79; Auction 79; New England 3/79; Stack's 2/79; Ivy 4/78, 1/78; Stack's 2/77; ANA 1976; ANA 1975 (2); Stack's 4/4/75; Pine Tree 2/75; Paramount 11/74; ANA 1974; Scanlon 1973; Kreisberg/Cohen 9/73; Paramount 5/73; Gilhousen 1973; Stack's 2/72; Shapero 1971; Kreisberg/Cohen 9/71; RARCOA 5/71; Kreisberg/Cohen 11/70; Stack's 6/70: Shuford 1968; Kreisberg4/67; Golden 1963; Melish 1956; Baldenhofer 1955 (2)

(44) VF: Kreisberg 9/80; Superior 1/80; NASCA 10/79; Superior 10/79; B&R 2/79 Stack's 5/78, 6/77; AAA 6/76, 9/75; Pine Tree 6/75; Superior 10/74; GEN/ 1974; Stack's 12/73,9/72,6/72; RARCOA 2/72 (2); ANA 1971; Stack's4/71 Alto 1970; Stack's 9/70; Kosoff 2/70; Stack's 1/70; Kreisberg/Cohen 6/68 Stack's 5/68; Kreisberg 9/67; Stack's 6/67, 4/67, 2/67; Kreisberg 10/66 Stack's 10/66; Kosoff 10/65; Kreisberg 6/65; Ward 1964; Bell 1963; Goldei 1962; Cicero 1960; Smith 1955; Farouk 1954; Menjou 1950; MC 1948; Le< 1947; WGC 1946; Flanagan 1944

(6) Fine: Stack's 6/78, 2/78; Paramount 2/67; Stack's 2/65; ANA 1964; Melish 1956

In terms of both overall rarity and condition rarity, the 1858-S Double Eagle is very similar to the 1855-S, 1857-S, and the 1863-S. Most known specimens grade VF or EF although AU's are also available periodically. Strictly uncirculated examples are rare and choice or gem quality pieces are very rare. I have not seen any "saltwater uncs" of this date but they may exist. They would be characterized by subdued, very uniform lustre and slightly grainy surfaces. I can recall seeing at least two original gems of this date and perhaps four or five others in the Unc-60 to Unc-63 grades.


Washington, D.C., Apr. 6. President Buehanan. in demanding thai Mormons obey federal law. accuses ihem of "levying war againsl the United Stales" (—June 26).
Rosalia, Washington, May 17. U.S. soldiers suffer a humiliating dcfeal by Nez Perce and Spokan Indians.
Titusville, Pennsylvania, May. Colonel H.L. Drake begins drilling for oil. using technique of drivine iron pipe into well (-Aug. 28. 1859).
Memphis, Tennessee, June 13. Steamship Pennsylvania explodes on Mississippi River. killing 160 people.
Springfield, Illinois, June 16. Republican Abraham Lincoln, upon receiving Senate nomina¬tion, proclaims. "A house divided against itself cannot stand" (—Oct. 15).
Utah Territory. June 26. Colonel Johnslon's federal Iroops march into Salt Lake City, finding it mostly empty as Mormons move south.
New York City, July 20. Admission charged to baseball game for first time; New York All-Slars defeat Brooklyn.
Kansas Territory Aug. 2. State constitution rejected in popular vole. 11.812 to 1.926: Kansas fails to gain admission to union (-Jan. 29. 1861).
Massachusetts, Oct. 16. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow publishes The Courtship of Miles Siamlish. narrative poem about romance among Pilgrims.
New York City. In his popular The I'nwi'lfotm'ti Child' or the Crime of an Undesigned and l!ndesired Maternity. H.C. Wright openly examines birth control.
Washington, D.C. Lewis Mill issued patent for a lawn mowing machine.
Washington, D.C. Charles Weslcy March receives patent lor bundling harvester.
New York City. Steel pens are placed on the market.
New York City. Ladies Christian Association [YWCA] founded.
Haddonfield, New Jersey. First dinosaur skeleton excavated in L'nited Stales.
Brooklyn, New York. Edward R. Squibb founds pharmaceutical company.

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Courtesy Akers: United States Gold Coins - An Analysis of Auction Records
Courtesy Bowers: A Guide Book of Double Eagle Gold Coins


1858-S Double Eagle - Type I Double Eagles - S.S. Central America

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