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1860-S Double Eagle

1860-S Double Eagle
1860-S Double Eagle
PCGS No: 8931
Circulation strikes: 544,950
Proofs: None
Designer: James Barton Longacre
Diameter: ±34 millimeters
Metal content: Gold - 90%
Other - 10%
Weight: ±516 grains (±33.4 grams)
Edge: Reeded
Mintmark: "S" (for San Francisco, California) below the eagle's tail on the reverse.
The 1860-S double eagle was struck in ample quantity and was a workhorse of commerce. Most of the coins struck saw heavy circulation. The remaining examples are mostly Very Fine or Extremely Fine. In low-grade condition, the date can still be found in large lots of common-date Type 1 double eagles. High-grade pieces are another story. The issue is very rare in Mint State. Only about two dozen Uncirculated coins are known. This includes examples found on the wrecks of the S.S. Brother Jonathan and S.S. Republic. An MS-62 example sold at auction in 2003 for $10,350.
Key to Collecting: The 1860-S is available in circulated grades but rare in Mint State. 1860-S •
Aspects of Striking: Nearly always well struck. High grade specimens show lustre rather than prooflike surfaces. Certain details less well defined than on 1850-1 S'SS coins (see introduction to Type I).
Die Data: Standard four-digit logotype punch for this year . 6 1860 obverse dies were sent to San Francisco on November 2, 1859. Reverse dies were already on hand.

Number of Appearances: 92 (21%)
High Grade Condition Points: 28

Auction Records:

(5) Unc:
Auction 79; New England 3/79, 11/78; Miles 1968; Atwater 1946

(18) AU: Stack's 12/81, 9/81; NASCA 12/80; Stack's 2/80; Superior 1/80; New England 1/80; Stack's 12/79; ANA 1979; Ivy 2/79; Stack's 2/79, 6/78; New England 11/77, 7/77; ANA 1976; Superior 10/74; Kreisberg/Cohen 6/69; ANA 1965; Bell 1963

(28) EF: Stack's 3/81, 2/80, 12/79; NASCA 10/79; Stack's 6/79; B&R 2/79, 10/77; Stack's 6/77; New England 12/76; ANA 1976 (2); Stack's 4/76; GENA 1975; Stack's 9/75; Pine Tree 6/75 (2); Stack's 4/30/75; Beck 1975; Paramount 5/73; Gilhousen 1973; Stack's 12/72; Kreisberg Cohen 9/71; Stack's 6/70; Kosoff 10/65; Golden 1963; ANA 1960; Baldenhofer 1955; Bell 1944

(35) VF:
Coin Galleries 9/81; Auction '80; Coin Galleries 6/80; Stack's 3/80, Stack's 10/79, 2/77; Scanlon 1973; Stack's 3/73; RARCOA 5/71; Stack's 4/71, 3/69, 9/68. 5/68, 11/67; Kreisberg 9/67; Stack's 6/67, 4/67; Kreisberg 4/67; Stack's 10/66; Kreisberg 6/65; Walton 1963; Wolfson 1962; Golden 1962; Cicero 1960; Holmes 1960; Melish 1956; Baldenhofer 1955; Farouk 1954; Davis'Graves 1954; Menjou 1950; Kern 1950; MC 1948; Lee 1947; WGC 1946; Roach 1944

(6) Fine:
ANA 1974; Kreisberg Cohen 11/70(2); Shuford 1968; Stack's 2/67; Kreisberg 10/66

The 1860-S Double Eagle is one of the rarest Double Eagles from the San Francisco Mint. It is not as rare as the 1861-S Paquet or the I866-S No Motto, the two rarest S-Mint issues, but it is in the second rarity level along with the 1854-S, 1861-S, 1862-S, 1864-S, 1866-S Motto, 1867-Sand 1868-S. When available, the typical 1860-S is only VF or EF. Strictly graded AU's are very scarce and uncirculated specimens are rare. In choice or gem uncirculated condition, the 1860-S is virtually impossible to obtain. Most specimens are well struck and every one I have seen was frosty.

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Courtesy Akers: United States Gold Coins - An Analysis of Auction Records
Courtesy Bowers: A Guide Book of Double Eagle Gold Coins


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