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1909-D $10 Indian Head Eagle

Image Courtersy of U.S. Rare Coin Investments

1909-D $10 Indian Head Eagle
The 1909-D $10 Indian Head Eagle is usually found in AU55 to MS63 grades. It is quite scarce in MS64 and it is legitimately rare in properly graded MS65. There are a few pieces known in MS66 but anything higher than this is almost impossible to locate.

1909-D $10 Indian Head Eagle
PCGS No: 8863
Mintage Circulation strikes: 121,540
Proofs: 0
Designer: Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Diameter: ±26.8 millimeters
Metal content: Gold - 90%
Copper - 10%
Weight: ±258 grains (±16.7 grams)
Edge: Raised stars
Mintmark: "D" (for Denver) left of the arrowheads on the reverse.

Overall Rarity (All grades): 18th of 32
High Grade Rarity (MS65 & higher): 8th of 32

Unless you are a specialist in the series, it is surprising to learn just how scarce this date really is. Despite its relatively high mintage figure of 121,540 the 1909-D is a tough coin in any grade above MS63 and it many experts regard it as one of the most undervalued Indian Head eagles.

The 1909-D comes sharply struck in most respects but the eagle's feathei are typically less well defined than in the other Denver mint issues.

Luster is most often only average or just slightly better than average atop frosty, finely granular surfaces. Highly lustrous 1909-D eagles are very uncommon but do exist. Some satiny examples are known but these are not often encountered.

The color is most often a light orange or coppery gold with select greenish highlights.

The level of eye appeal for this date is below average. While most examples e seen with acceptable detail, the typical 1909-D is somewhat dull, and very noticeably abraded. The 1909-D is sometimes lumped together with the very common 1910-D but this is not the case as the 1909-D is considerably scarcer.


1909-D $10 Indian Head Eagle - 1909-D Eagle

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