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Indian Head Quarter Eagle

1910 Indian Head Quarter Eagle

The 1910 Indian Head Quarter Eagle features the unusual incuse design created in 1908 by Bela Lyon Pratt for use on the $2.50 and $5.00 gold coins. For the first time in American numismatics, the main features and legends of the coin were impressed into the surface instead of being raised above it. When this design first appeared, critics feared that germs and dirt would accumulate in the many crevices of the coin -- a fear that never materialized. Only 492,000 Quarter Eagles were struck in 1910 (plus 682 Proofs), making it somewhat scarce yet still affordable.
1910 Quarter Eagle NGC PF67
PCGS No: 7941, 7959
Mintage: 492,000
Proofs: 682
Designer: Bela Lyon Pratt
Diameter: 17/24" or 18mm
Metal content: 90% gold / 10% silver
Weight: ±64.5 grains (±4.18 grams)
Edge: Reeded
Mintmark: None (for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) left of the arrowheads on the reverse.

The 1910 is very similar in overall rarity to the 1909, but it is slightly more available in higher grades. It is considerably rarer than the 1908 in high grades and many times rarer than the 1926-1928 Philadelphia issues in Mint State-65.

STRIKE: This is one of the best struck early date Indian Head Quarter Eagles. On the obverse, the only area that is not generally well detailed is the part of the headdress covering the Indian's ear. The eagle's wing feathers are sharp and the breast feathers are often fully detailed. On some 1910 Quarter Eagles, there is some swelling of the die noted that is probably the result of die buckling. This does not affect the value.

SURFACES: The 1910 Quarter Eagle is a very hard issue to locate without abrasions. In addition, many are seen with mint-made spots or small planchet problems. It is very hard to locate a coin that has clean, undisturbed surfaces and such pieces appear to be significantly undervalued in today's market.

LUSTER: The luster is considerably better on this issue than it is on the 1908 and the 1909. It is frosty in texture with some areas of satiny surfaces mixed into the reverse fields.

1911-D Quater EagleCOLORATION: The natural coloration is a medium to deep yellow gold shades. Less often, 1910 Quarter Eagles have orange-gold color.

EYE APPEAL: The overall level of eye appeal seen on the 1910 Quarter Eagle is below average. While most are well struck, it is very hard to find a piece that is not severely abraded and, which does not have impaired luster.
Condition Census: To qualify for the Condition Census, a 1910 Indian Head Quarter Eagle must grade Mint State-66.

Proofs: The mintage figure for Proof 1910 Quarter Eagles is listed as 682 pieces, but this is almost certainly incorrect. Based on the number known to exist, it is much more likely that the original mintage figure was somewhere in the area of 175 to 200. Of these, an estimated 75 to 90 coins exist today. The coloration is similar to that seen on the 1909 proofs with a distinctive yellow-gold appearance and the so-called Roman Gold finish. Proofs are usually seen in the Proof-63 to Proof-64 range and Gem examples are quite rare.

1911-D Indian Head Quarter EagleThe reported mintage of 682 pieces in Proof does not reflect the true rarity of this date. Either two-thirds of these coins were melted by the Mint as unsold, but not removed from the reported mintage, or the reported mintage is simply incorrect. The number of coins graded by PCGS and NGC over the past 19 years reflects that approximately 200 examples were released. The total Proofs graded for the 1909 issue is 109 coins, the 1910 issue is 222 coins and the 1911 issue is 229 coins. The 1910 Proofs were struck in the "Roman Gold" finish as seen in 1909, a lighter yellow gold with more reflective surfaces than seen on the matte Proofs of 1908.


1910 Quater Eagle - Information about 1910 Indian Head $2.5 - 1910 Indian Head Quarter Eagle

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