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Indian Head Quarter Eagle

1912 Indian Head Quarter Eagle

1912 Indian Head Quarter Eagle
1912 Indian Head $2.5 NGC PF67
PCGS No: 7944, 7961
Mintage: 616,000
Proofs: 197
Designer: Bela Lyon Pratt
Diameter: 18 millimeters
Metal content: 90% gold / Copper - 10%
Weight: ±64.5 grains (±4.18 grams)
Edge: Reeded
Mintmark: None (for Philadelphia, PA) left of the arrowheads on the reverse.

The 1912 Indian Head Quarter Eagle is one of the scarcest Philadelphia Indian Head Quarter Eagles and it is among the rarest dates in the entire series in the higher Uncirculated grades. For the collector putting together a very high quality set, the 1912 is always a true "stopper."

STRIKE: Most 1912 Quarter Eagles show a good overall quality of strike. On the obverse, there may be some weakness at the center, but it is possible to locate a piece with almost complete definition on the feathers. The reverse is nearly always boldly struck with very sharp detail on the wings and breast. On late strikes, there may be some weakness at the borders and the tips of the stars may appear to flow into the rim.

SURFACES: The surfaces are usually noticeably abraded and many show mint-made spotting. A 1912 Quarter Eagle that is very clean is quite hard to locate. The reverse field above the motto is sometimes very granular; this is also mint-made and is not considered detracting.

LUSTER: This date is known for having a peculiar granular luster that tends not to be especially "flashy." With lackluster coins being the norm, any piece that has vibrant luster is considered highly desirable.

COLORATION: The natural coloration ranges from medium orange-gold to green-gold and even a light to medium yellow-gold. It is hard to locate a 1912 Quarter Eagle that still has its full original color intact.

EYE APPEAL: The eye appeal for this date is generally below average. Most 1912 Quarter Eagles are well struck, but they have overly abraded surfaces and inferior luster. Examples that have good eye appeal are scarce and in strong demand among serious collectors of this series.

Condition Census: To qualify for the Condition Census, a 1912 Indian Head Quarter Eagle must grade Mint State-66. A very high end Mint State-65 piece may qualify as well.

Proofs: 197 Proofs were struck. The survival rate appears to be lower than for other Proofs of this design and there are approximately 55-65 known. The coins that exist tend to be extremely high quality and the collector is more likely to be offered a Proof-65 or Proof-66 1912 Quarter Eagle than a Proof-63 or a Proof-64. The finish used this year is a fine sandblast texture, which is different than that found on either the 1908 or the 1911. The color is a medium green-gold with some yellowish-gold color noted within the surfaces.

Once again the Philadelphia Mint changed the texture and finish on the Proofs. The 1912 Indian Head quarter eagles show a fine sandblast texture, which reflects the light with reflective microscopic facets. This date is one of the scarcest of the Proof issues; it is nearly tied in overall rarity with the 1913 and 1915 Proofs according to the population data. Comparing the various Proofs and finishes requires several coins, at least one of each date, as the Philadelphia Mint seems to have changed the exact finish quality and surface texture nearly every year these Proofs were issued. Each style is beautiful in its own right, but the 1912 issue stands out as one of the more reflective and attractive coins in this finish.

Another reason the $2.50 Indian gold is such an attractive investment and collector's item is that the coin was minted during only 13 years, making it one of the shortest-lived series in U.S. numismatics. Quarter Eagles of this type were produced in 1908 through 1915 and again from 1925 through 1929, after which time the denomination was suspended. Proofs are all rare.


1912 Quater Eagle - Information about 1912 Indian Head $2.5 - 1912 Indian Head Quarter Eagle

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