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Indian Head Quarter Eagle

1928 Indian Head Quarter Eagle

1928 Indian Head Quarter Eagle
1928 Indian Head $2.5 NGC MS65
PCGS No: 7952
Mintage: 416,000
Proofs: 0
Designer: Bela Lyon Pratt
Diameter: 18 millimeters
Metal content: 90% gold / Copper - 10%
Weight: ±64.5 grains (±4.18 grams)
Edge: Reeded
Mintmark: None (for Philadelphia, PA) left of the arrowheads on the reverse.

The 1928 Quarter Eagle is very similar in rarity to the 1927. It is another issue that can be located with no real difficulty in any grade up to Mint State-64. Gems are harder to find than the 1926 and the 1927 issues, but are much more available than the very underrated 1929.

The 1928 Indian Head quarter eagles are slightly scarcer than the 1927 issue. These are generally available in grades up to and including MS-65. A review of the PCGS Population Report and the NGC Census will confirm that the 1928 quarter eagle is available in sufficient quantities for most collectors to obtain an example. Striking quality varies, but generally these coins are sharply struck and frosty, although a few examples show peripheral striking weakness. The 1928 issue is decidedly more common than the final year of issue, despite the higher mintage of the 1929 quarter eagle. This issue was struck during the heyday of the Roaring '20s, which in retrospect was drawing quickly to an abrupt finale.

STRIKE: The 1928 is not usually seen with as good a strike as the 1926 and 1927 Quarter Eagles. Many pieces show centralized weakness on both the obverse and the reverse and it is not uncommon to find coins that exhibit noticeable die swelling at the borders. Some 1928 Quarter Eagles exist with sharp, even strikes and advanced collectors consider these more desirable than typical weakly struck coins.

SURFACES: As on most Indian Head Quarter Eagles, regardless of date, the surfaces show numerous small abrasions. It is possible to locate a 1928 with clean surfaces, but these are scarce.

LUSTER: The luster is excellent on most high grade pieces. It is frosty in texture and has a sort of glow that can give a choice, original piece exceptional eye appeal.

COLORATION: A broad range of coloration has been seen on 1928 Quarter Eagles. This ranges from rose-gold and bright yellow-gold to a deeper green-gold hue. It is still relatively easy to find a piece with good color.

EYE APPEAL: The level of eye appeal for the 1928 Quarter Eagle is above average. While there are some coins that are not well struck, most have excellent luster and color. This is among the more available Indian Head Quarter Eagle is gem condition and there are some extremely pleasing pieces known to exist.

Condition Census: To qualify for the Condition Census, a 1928 Indian Head Quarter Eagle must be Mint State-66.


1928 Quater Eagle - Information about 1928 Indian Head $2.5 - 1928 Indian Head Quarter Eagle

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