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1812 Cent
Please call: 1-800-624-1870
1812 1c, Large Date
Coin ID: RC7456064
$1,200.00 - SOLD - 6/21/2013

1812 1 Cent - 1812 1C Large Date PCGS F12 CAC, S-288. This 1812 Classic Head large cent is toned an even chocolate brown throughout on both sides. This 1812 1 Cent is graded Fine 12 because Liberty’s ear is sharp, and the hair below and in front of the ear as well as above the eye is well outlined. For the grade the surfaces are original and clean with no individual marks worthy of note. The CAC designation indicates that the coin is a premium quality piece that fully merits the grade assigned. The coin is S-288 because it is a Large Date, and the leaf under the final S in STATES is just past the right side of the S.

John Reich designed the Classic Head cent. It was minted from 1808 to 1814. The design shows a curly headed Liberty wearing a LIBERTY inscribed head band in profile, facing left. Seven six-pointed stars are to the left and six are to the right with the date below the truncation. The reverse has a closed wreath of laurel tied with a ribbon. Within the wreath is the denomination ONE CENT written on two lines with a center dot and a horizontal line below. Surrounding the wreath is the legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Dentils are at the periphery of both sides.

Because of the War of 1812, the importation of high-quality copper planchets from England ended; consequently, the copper used in this cent and its type was poor. The result is that planchets are usually dark and uneven.

Update: As of Oct 24th 2012 there are still only 5 coins of this date that have been approved by CAC. it is likely that coins are being submitted and therefore not approved or else we would see a steady increase in the CAC population statistics. There are less Large Dates approved by CAC than Small Dates. In it’s population report, CAC shows 1 coin in Fine and that is this coin. This coin and only 4 others have been approved by CAC .  This is a much tougher coin to find in unmolested original condition than most people think and is therefore a sleeper and a keeper.

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