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Half Dollars

1936 Gettysburg Commemorative Half Dollar
Please call: 1-800-624-1870
1936 Gettysburg 50C
Coin ID: RC74521
$1,205.00 - SOLD - 12/23/2014

1936 Gettysburg Commemorative Half Dollar PCGS MS65 CAC. This gem commemorative Gettysburg Half Hollar has silver-grey toning and light tints of yellow. Bright mint luster shimmers from its surfaces, and it is fully struck on both sides. It comes with a CAC sticker that adds value to the coin because its presence indicates premium quality. Frank Vittor designed the Battle of Gettysburg half dollar, which shows on its obverse two soldiers, one from each side in the war, who look like brothers. BLUE AND GREY REUNION is one of the inscriptions on the border of the coin. It refers to an event that was scheduled for July 1-3 in 1938. The other border inscription is UNITED STATED OF AMERICA. The words on the borders are separated by stars. In an arc just under the border is LIBERTY. Below it is E PLURIBUS UNUM on two lines. On the reverse we see double-bladed fasces, which are the Roman symbol of the power of life and death. The Fasces divide the two symbols of each side, the Union and Confederate shields. Oak and olive branches, seen in the wreath, symbolize war and peace.

The reverse border inscription is 1863 75TH ANNIVERSARY 1938 BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG separated by stars. Above the Union shield are the words IN GOD, and above the Confederated shield are WE TRUST. Below the fasces is the date, 1936, and below that is the denomination HALF DOLLAR, separated by tiny stars. The 1936 date is the date of the authorizing act. It is actually irrelevant to the commemoration. The coin was struck in 1937 for a 75th anniversary, which took place in 1938.

The actual reunion that this half dollar commemorates took place in 1938. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was among those who attended. At the ceremony Roosevelt dedicated the Eternal Light Peace Memorial. Among many other souvenirs, these commemorative halves were on sale there for $1.65. Later when the American Legion received distribution rights, they raised the price to $2.65, hoping that the increase would make people think that buying the coin would be a good investment.

The Battle of Gettysburg was one of the three early commemorative issues that were made to specifically deal with a Civil War event. The others were the Stone Mountain and the Antietam half dollars.

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