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Rare Coin Market Update May 20, 2004
Hello all,
What a great year to be involved in rare coins. Tough year for many other investments with pandemonium in the Middle East, oil and gasoline prices rising enough to start effecting almost everything we buy or sell, real estate starting to show signs of reversing their bull market with interest rates about to start rising, a US dollar still going south on the world market…among other things.
Remember, when the economy is good, good coins do well. When there's turbulence and uncertainty, Rare Coins do even better.
We at US Rare Coin Investments are of the belief that we are perhaps 30% along the way in one of the greatest bull markets for rare coins in history. And don't forget the baby boom generation whose children all the grown are buying coins like never before. This is also having an impact.
Here is the latest rundown:
EARLY US GOLD COINS: This is one area which has truly grown up. There are more people buying Early US Gold coins than at any other time in history. This series is where even the most common coins number only in the hundreds and start at just under $5,000 and work their way up to low to mid 6 figures for near finest know gems. I am personally responsible for placing hundreds of example of all dates in the Early US Gold series in private hands. The customer base for these coins has increased many fold in the last several years with many people putting type sets together and a number of people are slowly building world class sets. These coins in general have appreciated a minimum of 10% in the last few months alone. Get on board! Take some profits in other areas and more common coins now and get repositioned in better varieties and better date gold coins which are truly undervalued.
EARLY SILVER DOLLARS While most of you know of my background in Early Silver Dollars, over the past ten years or so these coins in my opinion have gone up too high to consider as good investments at this time.. I still like these coins (a lot) but personally I would sell all but the finest examples and sit on the sideline for a while. I just don't think that most examples are worth today's prices.
MORGAN DOLLARS on the other hand is one of the real movers and shakers for the future. I really like gem Carson City dollars, spectacularly toned specimens, and any fairly priced dollars which has strong eye appeal If you don't own a few of what is considered America most popular silver coin, you should pick up the phone and get on the list now. These should be prove to be great investments especially those in the loftier grades of MS-65 and above.
US GOLD COINS - Ah yes, better dated St Gaudens are finally starting to appear at higher prices as there are MANY people choosing what is considered the world most beautiful Gold coin of the 20 century. These coins particularly the rarer dates are in serious demand. I waited almost 2 years to buy a 1921 St.G and was happy to pay 150% of trends for a choice about uncirculated specimen that I found. Put some of these away for investment if you can find them.:

Double Eagles, and other dated gold coins. I really like Carson City material. I know I know they've gone up in previous years (hey, they're rare did you think they would go down?). But they have a long way to go before reaching a fair number in relation to their real rarity. There are only 17 dates of Carson City Gold in all 3 denominations, half eagles, eagles and double eagles. Certainly an attainable goal for most people. I will buy all Carson City Gold if original and if offered at fair prices. Please offer them to me.

Indian Quarter Eagles and Half Eagles way way overpriced. Sell Now!!!! Don't wait. Call now and I will move them for you on the dealer circuit or place at auction. But don't hesitate. These coins are way over priced and the bubble could pop at any time.

Proof Gold: Rumor has it that a famous billionaire has been entering this area in the past years and values are starting to show that these magnificent coins are really coming into a long overdo bull market. I recently bought a gem Cameo Quarter Eagle, mintage at under 60 for less than $20,000. Population of only 2 with 2 better. Think about the value. The equivalent proof double eagle would be multiples of that figure.
COMMEMORATIVES : No NOT Modern Commems. I am referring to classic silver commems. Gold commems are overpriced. Sell and reposition your money as soon as you can. Silver Commems in gem are a bargain. Buy all you can. These coins are one of the greatest sleepers in Numismatics with some issues selling for only 25% of their highs of 1989! Choose upper end hand picked coins, toned or not, be prepared to pay a premium of 20 - 35% for them which still puts you into them at less than 30% of site unseen generic money back in 89. You can't go wrong.
PATTERN COINS: Well well as we predicted these coins have been selling as discount lately. If you did not follow our advices last year to sell last year, chances are all your holding are in some cases lower then what they were. Some of these coins are now too discounted therefore they might be a good time to buy, but I am still waiting. I think they will fall a little more.
PRECIOUS METALS: Ahhhh the bull was short and running for cover last time I looked There's a lot of better things to do with my hard earned cash.
That's the way we see it from here.
Thomas M. Pilitowski
U.S. Rare Coin Investments
P.O. Box 496607
Port Charlotte, Florida 33949
Tel: 941-629-4765
Fax: 941-629-6532
Toll Free: 1-800-624-1870
Email: thecoinguy1955@yahoo.com

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