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August 03, 2007

Spectacular Pre-A.N.A.
Double Eagles and Rare Date Gold Sale!

Hello all,

Well the American Numismatic Association convention in Milwaukee in upon us and we are please to offer you some incredible gold rarities and double eagles.
Behold the following two of rare date double eagles. From the incredibly tough 1920-S St Gaudens in MS-63 to the every once in a blue moon Civil War date 1863 Double Eagle in mint state, to the near impossible and monumentally rare Type I Twenty, the famous 1866-S No Motto Double Eagle in very very choice about uncirculated condition.

Want even more? Simple visit the website to view our diverse multi-million dollar offerings and also remember that it’s depth remains among the finest in the world, we have access to other rarities as well. Simply call us at 1-800-624-1870 or fill out the Want List form.

Lastly, if you want personal and confidential representation at the ANA, let us know and we’ll do our best to help you get the results you want!


1920-S Double Eagle PCGS MS63 - $92,450.00

In the world of Numismatics, no coin captures the attention of so many US as well as Global collectors as does the Double Eagle. And in the universe of double eagles, there are a small number of dates that really stand out from the pack. The 1920-S is one of these premier dates. The specimen offered here is a beautiful and fresh coin with considerable luster which is generally seen on gem condition coins. Considering there are literally hundreds of collectors of St Gaudens, perhaps even more, the population of only 10 coins as certified by PCGS with 20 higher seems infinitesimal.
Most 1920-S Saints generally do not come nice like this one .Lovely surfaces which are almost absent of any real abrasions or other significant surface imperfections. Excellent eye appeal with superb luster, this 20-S St Gaudens can easily become a cornerstone rarity in a world class collection or coin investment portfolio.


1866-S Double Eagle No Motto PCGS AU58 - P.O.R

The 1866-S No Motto has long been regarded as one of the rarest San Francisco Mint double eagles. Akers writes "This issue is very rare in any condition, second among S-Mint issues only to the 1861-S Paquet ... In rarity according to average grade, the 1866-S No Motto is tied for first with the 1870-CC and 1871-CC. It is also at the top based on rarity in high grade ... The 1866-S No Motto is typically VF and heavily bag marked. A strictly graded EF is very rare and, above that level, the 1866-S No Motto is excessively rare and, for all practical purposes, unobtainable."Truly a remarkable coin, one which will find its way into the most developed and substantive numismatic cabinets. Earlier in 2007 another specimen saw the light of day at auction and sold for just under 200K. The present specimen displays pristine surfaces with an absolutely minimal amount of abrasions and other surface imperfections rendering this price as very choice about uncirculated and reaching a similar consensus by PCGS who encapsulated the coin About Uncirculated 58 and condition census as such with 5 being graded as such by each of the 2 major grading services with only 1 graded higher. Truly a historic offering.


1863 Double Eagle SS Republic NGC MS61 - $25,500.00

One’s mind can be transported back in time and almost see and hear the guns blazing during what is termed by some as the Second American Revolution, A.K.A. the Civil War when this incredible double eagle was made/minted. A genuinely rare date Type I double eagle in true mint state, showing population statistics of only 4 in 61, 6 in 62, 1 in 63 and non finer graded by NGC. Some resubmissions are highly probably and all that’s a speculation is how few of these coins actually exist. Yours truly has not had a full mint state 1863 “Twenty” in quite some time.

Choice original surfaces with a minimal amount of surface imperfections almost leads one to conclude that this specimen, being as choice as it shows could qualify for a tad higher grade. On the reverse, a virtual select BU surface with considerable mint luster displayed. A prize for any Type I Double Eagle collector, or investor.


Please call or email us with any questions you have, or to reserve one of these great coins.

Thank you for your business!

Tom Pilitowski
Toll Free: 1-800-624-1870
Email: thecoinguy1955@yahoo.com

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