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August 10th, 2007


Greetings Fellow Numismatists and Coin People,

The American Numismatic Association convention commonly referred to as the World Series of the coin business which is just wrapping up in Milwaukee showed us two things for sure. Firstly, there is a HUGE demand for rare coins. There’s an even bigger demand for quality rare coins. There’s only one trouble that we in the business have seen for quite some time and that is there was a lack of the quality type of material in which to buy! There is an abundance of people interested in buying good coins and it’s not just collectors who are scouring the countryside in pursuit of their personal holy grail. There’s also investors who are being noticed in increasing numbers, (both physical human beings as well as in dollars) and it’s having an impact on supplies of the “good stuff”.

We bought and sold everything from proof US gold coins, better date Southern mint gold, better date double eagles, to Brilliant Uncirculated rolls of Morgan and Peace silver dollars, Franklin half dollars and even some interesting foreign coins. There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that people want to buy coins! Trouble is finding and then separating the good for the grade quality from the run of the mill dreck.

That said, please note that our want lists now exceed 25 Million Dollars. What is a want list you might ask? Want lists coins are coins that buyers tell us, “find this coin, in these parameters and I’ll buy it”. That’s a want list coin. The want lists we have are from legitimate sources who are steady buyers and sellers in the coin business. There offers and wants are very real and make up a substantive part of our business. If you have any coins, especially quality coins that for whatever reason you are thinking about selling, PLEASE offer them to us. We are well aware of the “auction” influence in the business and all I can tell you is that if you have quality coins and do not wish to hear “stories”, but hard numbers on the actual selling values of your coins, you owe it to yourself and your Family to at least give us a shot at buying them. You do not need to go thru the pain of waiting months for an auction which may and probably will not accomplish what you are looking to do. Give us a try, we’ve made a lot of people happy over the years which is why we’re still here and not swallowed up like some dealers have been.

Now we would also like to present to you a small part of this weeks specials. Everybody at least at one time or another have had a liking and even love for silver dollars. And the collectors who have evolved over time with these coins have of course started to appreciate the true rarity of beauty of originally toned and rainbow colored Morgan and Peace dollars. We have a box of nearly 2o0 incredibly toned silver dollars that are being put on our website as I type.

This small collection of wonder coins has been assembled by a very knowledgeable collector for more than a decade and he is just starting to sell some of them. We have the exclusive on these coins and you will not find them anywhere else. They are so incredible that I must warn you that the images we have taken do NOT fully portray these coins to be as nice as they are in hand. Some of the images are close but some just do not do justice to what are little works of art in silver dollar form. Therefore if you have any questions whatsoever, do call us and I will personally try and help you decipher just how nice these are and if necessary, will even give a 3 day return privilege, so that if for any reason you do not absolutely love these dollars, we will accept them back at full refund. Have a look and contact us ASAP! Here are three of the box of twenty I mentioned. Please go to the website and view the rest!

1879-S Morgan S$1 NGC MS65 - $1,250.00

Isn’t that an incredible silver dollar? Want to see an incredible end of roll toned dollar that is much nicer in person than what the image shows ( but the image sure does show an incredible Morgan dollar)

1880-S Morgan S$1 PCGS MS65 - $785.00

Amazing end roll original monster toning! Really hard to capture the exact beauty of this lovely early San Francisco mint Morgan dollar which has varying shades of peach and light plum on the obverse with the telltale signs of the old paper silver dollar roll overlapping so coveted by knowledgeable collectors and Morgan dollar specialists. Brilliant white headlight reverse. Amazing coin!

Now if that isn’t enough to blow your mind, How about this beauty from 1884 New Orleans?

1884-O Morgan S$1 NGC MS64 - $415.00

Another amazing rainbow colored gem with shades of light pink, sky blue, sea foam, light gold and burnt tangerine! Wow!

For the purposes of keeping this newsletter offering only one page in length, we could only add 3 coins to it. Trust me; there are more than 30 incredible silver dollars on the website, nearly 20 that are brand new. Please have a look and place your orders accordingly as this will not be repeated, nor can it be.

Also note there will also be more than 200 new coins ranging from common gold to much better double eagles, another proof double eagle, this one is dated 1905, a large hoard of Hard Times Tokens, ( many of the “I Take the Responsibility” tokens) and many other coins that if you contact us regularly, we will offer you “off the price list”. Call!

Please call or email us with any questions you have, or to reserve one of these great coins.

Thank you for your business!

Tom Pilitowski
Toll Free: 1-800-624-1870
Email: thecoinguy1955@yahoo.com

P.S. Do you have coins that you would like to sell? Tap into our buyer base which spends tens of millions of dollars per year on rare US and Foreign coins and aren't afraid to pay real premium for your better coins. Click here to offer us your coins!

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