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August 24th, 2007

Eliasberg Collection World Gold Coin Offering

Dear Fellow Numismatist,

On April 15-19th , 2005, a historic opportunity in the world of numismatics took place at the Helmsley Park Lane Hotel in New York City. It was here that the foreign coin section of the worlds greatest collection was presented and auctioned by American Numismatic Rarities. This collection, formed over decades by the world’s greatest coin collector, Louis Eliasberg Sr. was widely received and the actual auction room, in the Park Lane Ballroom a sort of Numismatic United Nations gathered for this incredible offering.

Many of the coins in this historic offering were one of kind rarities which were off the market for decades. Many were sold to overseas investors and collectors, some of whom were on location in NYC to bid and bring back to their homeland these fantastic rare coins.

Tom Pilitowski/ US Rare Coin Investments is pleased to present some of these numismatic rarities that you can see here in the body of this newsletter with more specimens presented on our website. Please bear in mind that since the sale in 2005, the strength of the dollar has deteriorated against many of the worlds currencies and that this may be one of the only times you will have the opportunity to view these wonderful coins for sale in the USA. Many overseas investors and coin collectors recognize the changes in currency values as well as the value these rarities represent on the world market. Also know that this is a one of a kind offering that cannot be repeated. Please act accordingly and secure yours today!

Here are a few highlights from Mr Eliasberg’s collection with more available on our website; please click to view more:

Vatican Gold, 1855 ( R) 2 ½ Scudi, Rome Mint - $525.00

( Eliasberg ) Vatican Gold ,1855 ( R ) 2-1/2 Scudi. Rome mint. Fr-273, Berman 3306. NGC MS-62, Lovely patina and color. Perhaps appears higher grade. Previously: Louis Eliasberg Collection, ANR, April15-19, 2005 Lot 581, previously bought from Ira S. Reed, April 15, 1944. Comes with NGC Photo-Certificate.

Choice Egyptian 50 Piastres - Egypt 1938, 1357 AH, 50 Piastres
- $725.00

( Eliasberg ) Egypt 1938, 1357 AH, 50 Piastres, 4.25 Grams, 19.8mm, Fr-37, Km-371, NGC MS-65, Gem brilliant uncirculated Egyptian gold coin from the worlds greatest collectors personal cabinet. Quality that you would expect from a coin of this nature in such high grade, with wonderful and highly lustrous surfaces, and very slight mirror fields. Worthy of an even higher grade in our opinion and suitable for the highest quality collections and portfolios.
Previously: Louis Eliasberg Collection, ANR Auctions, April15-19, 2005 Lot 2205, Comes with NGC Photo-Certificate.

Incredible Japanese 1837-58 Gold Koban - $4,200.00

( Eliasberg ) Japan 1837-1858, Koban, Fr-15, Temp Period, Choice Very Fine, perhaps better. Lovely medium yellow gold, slight granularity and slight waviness which is usual for these beautiful items of commerce from the Tempo period of reforms in Japan. Quite beautiful and perhaps one of the most interesting items of trade and numismatics in the world. This specimen of course from the worlds greatest collectors personal cabinet. $4200.00 Previously: Louis Eliasberg Collection, ANR Auctions, April15-19, 2005 Lot 2207, Comes with NGC Photo-Certificate ONLY (NGC was unable to create a holder for this coin/Koban. As such it remains houses in the original flip from the Eliasberg sale along with the photo cert.) Previously from the John H. Clapp Collection, Clapp Estate to Louis Eliasberg Sr, 1942

Breathtaking Turkish 500 Piastres in Superb Brillian Uncirculated condition: - $7,500.00

( Eliasberg ) Turkey, 1327 AH, ( 1909 ) 500 Piastres, Year 3, 1911, Fr-50, KM-758, NGC MS-65, Superb Gem Turkish gold. Buyers at the Eliasberg sale recognized that many of Mr. Eliasberg’s coins were extremely conservatively graded. When resubmitted for a new opinion, many of these coins were returned in higher grades.

This magnificent and large gold coin (34.60mm, 36.12 grams) is an absolute gem that is worthy of a higher grade. Please click the enlarge image option and take a close look at this specimen. Extremely minute imperfections that in our opinion do not render it as a mere gem. In our opinion this coin is a superb gem and worthy of at least a grade higher. Rare and beautiful, no matter what the holder may say, this is a great rarity in world gold coins and is destined for the highest quality of gold coin collections and investment portfolios. Superb type coin. When Mortimer Hammel sold Mr Eliasberg this duplicate in 1945, he retained only one 500 Piastres, a specimen in similar condition dated 16 of Abul Hmid II which was included in his 1982 sale. This offer may never be duplicated.

Previously: Louis Eliasberg Collection, ANR Auctions, April15-19, 2005 Lot 2338, Comes with NGC Photo-Certificate. Previously from Mortimer Hammel, April 18th, 1945 to Louis Eliasberg Sr.

Please take a little time to view these wonderful coins using our “enlarge coin” option and do not hesitate to call/contact us with your order or questions.


Thank you for your business!

Tom Pilitowski
Toll Free: 1-800-624-1870

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