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Here's what the assemblers of the Cardinal Collection have to say about working with Mr. Pilitowski.

Sunnyvale, CA 94087

June 26, 1997

Tom Pilitowski
Tom's Toys, Inc.
6276 N. Federal Hwy, Suite 369
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Dear Tom:

We would like to express our deepest appreciation for your learned numismatic counsel. Time and time again, you have demonstrated a keen sense for outstanding individual deals and the overall direction of the market.

We here at The Cardinal Collection have been assembling a high grade set of early U.S. Bust Silver Dollars for some time now. You have amazed us with your ability to locate extraordinary specimens at very reasonable prices for our consideration, and with your assistance, the Collection now contains numerous specimens which are either the finest known or high condition census specimens of their respective die varieties. Surely, you have been eminently responsible for the outstanding quality of the Collection.

As impressive as that may be, you have simply astounded us with the profits you have generated from sales of our specimens. Many of the specimens you have handled for us have provided as much as a 20% profit in only a brief holding period. Others have been even maze dramatic. In particular, the gem mint state 1800 Silver Dollar you located for us represents a major score. We purchased that coin at your recommendation as a "Premium Quality" MS64-grade for $33,000, and based on you further recommendations, we have submitted that coin to the grading services for possible upgrade. The coin was returned certified as MS65 - - the only such MS65 specimen known for the year 1800 - - and our expectation is to sell that specimen at a price ranging from $65,000 – to $80,000 - - at least doubling our money is less than six months! In addition, you have found us numerous other “finest known” early silver dollar and gold pieces that have created healthy gains. Truly, no other dealer has demonstrated such extraordinary results for the collection.

Tom, thank you again for all of your assistance. We look forward to our continued relationship and the profits our coin portfolio will be producing during the rest of 1997 and beyond.

Very truly yours,

Martin A. Logies
John E. Skirtich

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