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An Indexed Guide Book of Silver Art Bars - Fifth Edition

Item No. A3 - Kidd

Price: $285.00

Detailed Description
Publication Date:

Binding: Paperback
Size: 8x10.5

Condition: New

  • This book can be used for recording ownership of any given ingot. We suggest coloring in the entire block with a bright
    for quick visual and location of your bar.
  • COLLECTOR SERIAL NUMBER: You may record the serial number of your silver art bar in this block for a permanent
    record. It is advised to record all the serial numbers of all your ingots in case of theft or loss so that you can identify your property.
  • CATALOG NUMBER: Each ingot with the exception of a few unidentified bars in the Miscellaneous Section will be assigned fix and Index Number for reference.
  • INITIAL COST: You may record what you paid for your art bar in this block for another permanent record.
  • NAME/DESCRIPTION: Each bar will be given a name with varieties, errors, and cancelled dies noted. C-Cancelled,
    V-Variety. Bronze strikings will be listed separately in the back of this publication.
  • HORIZONTAL/VERTICAL: This section will note horizontal or vertical bars only when a photo is not shown.
  • DATED: Many of the early bars were not dated. Some were dated on the reverse. Not all reverses are shown, fore, we felt this information should be included in the format.
  • YEAR ISSUED: The undated bars are hard to determine when they were issued. Again we felt this information should be included in the format. If the issue year is unknown, the block will be left blank so that you can write in this information when it becomes available.
  • WEIGHT/CONTENT: I-Ounce indicates One-Troy Ounce Silver. GP indicates Gold Plated Silver. - -
  • SERIAL NUMBER: If the bar is serially numbered, it will be indicated with a • (check) mark.
  • REVERSE: Reverse types are recorded here. If a particular reverse is not shown, or unknown, this block will remain
  • MINTAGE: Known mintages will be recorded. If the mintage is unknown, or in doubt, it also will remain blank.
  • RARITY VALUE: Prices will vary from dealer to dealer, geographical location, spot price of silver and popularity of collectible and investment bars. We feel this is the most accurate and fair way of giving a price guideline. Please note, this is a guide ind should not be interpreted as anything other than a guide.



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