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Planning Your Rare Coin Retirement

Item No. 9058

Price $13.90


Detailed Description
ISBN: 1566250986
Publication Date: 4/1/1998
Binding: Paperback
Size: 6x9
Condition: New

Every coin collection is an investment and this book is indispensable if you want to use rare coins to help plan a successful retirement.
By an award-winning author who has followed the rare coin market for more than 30 years this book:

  • List over 100 gold and platinum coins that you can buy for $100.00, or less, apiece, to include in your rare coin retirement portfolio.
  • Provides you with tips to follow and traps to avoid, in order to make your rare coin retirement more successful.
  • Supplies you with easy to read graphs and charts that show you past history and suggest future price possibilities.
  • Suggest over 200 coins in the $50.00-$195.00 price range (average price under $100.00) that should be a part of your rare coin retirement.
  • Accurately supplies mintage figures for "sleepers," previously undiscovered rare coins in which you can find hidden gold and long-term profits.
  • Warns you about the importance of grading rare coins correctly and shows you how grades can affect value.

Fully illustrated, Planning Your rare Coin Retirement shows you how someone spending $2,500.00 or less, a year on their hobby can actually use it to plan for their retirement a dozen years later.

These are not pie-in-the-sky recommendations for coins that are not obtainable. All of the coins have been recently advertised as being available at relatively modest prices—all under $200.00 per coin—within the reach of the average collector. There are even sets of rare coins that afford significant leverage, and allow for price averaging to maximize future return on your investment.

Prices for coins are interwoven with fascinating stories about them—their history, their economics—all designed to be interesting as well as informative.



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