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Walter Breen Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins

Item No. USCB32 - Breen

Price $475.00

Detailed Description

Binding: Hardcover
Size: 8.5 x 11
754 pages including index
NEAR MINT - A book which may exhibit very slight imperfections but which shows no signs of use.

Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins” by infamous Walter Breen. What a find! Brand new with un-opened box! These coins books are considered the most comprehensive in depth study of numismatics ever put in print. The author is dead and even if by some miracle this book were re-printed, then these books could potential gain in value even more!

This Walter Breen’s magnum opus! The greatest across the board encyclopedia of coins even written and it’s RARE!
We have not seen an un-opened Walter Breen Encyclopedia like this in more than a decade and my never see another one. We have only one, when it’s gone, it’s gone may be forever.

Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia Of U.S. And Colonial Coins.

After a lifetime of research, America's top coin historian now has completed the most comprehensive guide to U.S. coins ever published. Over ten years in the writing, this definitive work describes in exacting detail every major and minor American coin from the first brass Bermuda shillings issued in 1616 to modern-day sandwich coins, including all rarities and variations. With over 7,800 entries, it offers more than four times as much informa¬tion as any book of its kind.
Along with thorough histories of designers, engravers, mints, and authorization acts, this invaluable volume provides a wealth of fascinating facts regarding controversies, counterfeitings, and the mysteries surrounding certain coins. You'll discover how the 1913 Liberty Head Nickel became one of the most famous of all American coins . . . why the Philadelphia Mint started making cents and two-cent pieces in French Bronze in 1864 . . . what steps Mint Directors have taken to prevent the hoarding of coins . . . and much, much more. You'll learn to recognize both the obscure and celebrated issues of commemorative coinages—everything from the Louisiana Purchase Gold Dollar, the Pilgrim Tercentenary Half Dollar, the Battle of Gettysburg Half Dollar, and the Ellis Island Silver Dollar to the 1984 Olympic Gold Ten Dol¬lar piece, the Statue of Liberty set, and the Susan B.

Anthony Mini-Dollar. There is even a special section devoted to the coins and medalets that portray and commemorate George Washington.
With over 4,000 photographs il
lustrating such unusual denomina¬tions as half cents, silver three cents, trade dollars, and four-dollar gold pieces, as well as Gold Rush, Mormon, Confederate, and Kingdom of Hawaii coins, this is the one resource every collector will need to insure proper identification of his or her own coins. Complete with a glossary, bibliography, and metrology of weight standards for base metals, gold, and silver—plus the most recent prices paid at auction whenever those figures are available—WALTER BREEN'S COMPLETE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF U.S. AND COLONIAL COINS is destined to become a standard reference in the field of numismatics.
Walter Breen is widely considered the foremost U.S. coin historian alive today. He is the author of Walter Breen's Encyclopedia of United States and Colonial Proof Coins 1722-1977 and the coauthor, with Mr. Anthony Swiatek, also a preeminent numismatic authority, of The Encyclopedia of United States Silver and Gold Commemorative Coins 1892-1954. In addition, Mr. Breen's articles have appeared in every numismatic journal. A numismatic consultant to the Smithsonian Institution, he lives in Berkeley, California.



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