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Since 1986 the United States Mint has produced gold Bullion coins in both proof and uncirculated finishes. The American Eagle gold bullion program has four denominations in four sizes. These gold coins are the five dollar tenth ounce, the ten dollar quarter ounce, the twenty-five dollar half ounce, and the fifty dollar one ounce piece. The obverse design is based on Saint-Gaudens’ double eagle. The reverse shows an eagle landing in its nest bringing food to its young. All of the coins have the same design except for the reverse inscription with the weight in gold, the fineness, and the denomination. The first six years used Roman numerals for the date as did Saint-Gaudens’ original in 1907. From 1992 on, Arabic numbers were used. New uncirculated coins can only be obtained in the secondary market from specially designated dealers who purchase them from the Mint in quantity. Proof bullion American Eagles can be ordered by individuals directly from the Mint. The proof bullion coins were first made in Philadelphia and have the P mint mark. In 1994, proof coins were made in West Point and a W is the mint mark. Beginning in 2006, uncirculated bullion coins were also made at West Point. In 2006 the Mint issued “burnished” uncirculated coins and a regular and a reverse proof issue. In addition to being sold individually, the gold bullion coins have also been sold in year sets. The 1995 set is notable because it included a mint marked silver eagle dollar coin.

The American Buffalo gold bullion coin has been issued since 2006 in one ounce size. In 2008, tenth, quarter, and half ounce coins were also made. In that same year burnished uncirculated coins were also issued along with regular uncirculated and proof coins. All of the American Buffalo gold bullion coins have been made at West Point and have the W mint mark. They are the first coins to be .9999 fine (24-karat) gold made by the United States Mint. The design is taken from the Indian Head or Buffalo Nickel of 1913 to 1938, which was designed by James Earle Fraser. The principal design modification is the denomination, the weight in gold, and the fineness of the gold on the reverse.

In 2007 the First Spouse gold bullion coins were issued. They are denominated at ten dollars and weigh one-half ounce. They honor the first spouses and have been issued on the same schedule as the presidential dollar coins. Each shows a portrait of the president’s spouse and a reverse design emblematic of the person’s life. When a president held office and there was no first spouse, the coin had “an obverse emblematic of Liberty as depicted on a circulating coin of that era and a reverse emblematic of themes of that president’s life.” The coins are struck in 24 karat gold and have been minted in uncirculated and proof finishes.

In 2009 the Mint released a gold bullion coin in imitation of Saint-Gaudens’ Ultra-high Relief double eagle. The coin’s design is similar to Saint-Gaudens’ original although the motto IN GOD WE TRUST is added to the reverse, which was not part of the original ultra-high relief coin. This is a one year, one type bullion coin with no proof mintage.

Other bullion coins made by the Mint are the one ounce Silver Eagle dollar coin made from 1986 to the present, the Platinum American Eagle Bullion coins, made from 1997 to 2009, and the National Park bullion program, which began in 2010. The silver eagle’s obverse is based on the design of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar of 1916 to 1947. The reverse is a modified heraldic eagle. The weight and fineness have been added along with the denomination. The Platinum American Eagle coins have been made since 1997 and contain one ounce of pure platinum. There are fractional denominations as well. From 1998 to 2007 the coins used “Vistas of Liberty” for their reverse designs. All the obverse designs showed Liberty facing forward, slightly off to the left with LIBERTY seen at the top through the rays. On the right is the date and IN GOD WE TRUST. In 2007, a two coin set with one proof platinum half-ounce and one “Enhanced Reverse” proof was issued. The National Park silver bullion program consists of large size bullion coins, which are actually medallions that correspond to the designs of the National Parks quarters.


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