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1861 Double Eagle

The Civil War Dime: The Civil War Dime was issued from 1861 to 1865. The design, originally by Christian Gobrecht, was the Type 4 Legend on Obverse Dime. The inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was placed on the obverse around Liberty instead of the stars. This change made more room for the enlarged wreath on the reverse. In 1861 dies were modified to create a Type 2 obverse. Type 1 had five vertical lines at the top of the shield. Type 2 had six lines. Both types are included in the 1861 mintage; although, Type 1 is rare. The 1861-S mintage was only Type 1. The subsequent years all used the Type 2 obverse.

The largest Civil War Dime mintage was 1,883,000 made in Philadelphia in 1861. The lowest mintage was 10,000 in 1865. Since all Civil War Dime coinage was struck in Philadelphia or San Francisco, none of the Southern Branch Mints had any coins of this denomination, and, consequently, the Confederacy struck no dime coins. Civil War Dime Proof coins were minted for each of the five Civil War years. They range from a high of 1,000 to a low of 460.

The Civil War Half Dollar: The Civil War Half Dollar was issued from 1861 to 1865. Variety 1 of the Seated Liberty, No Motto was resumed using the weight standard of 1853 to prevent melting for bullion. The arrows and rays of the previous designs were omitted to indicate the change in weight. The next type of half dollar included the motto IN GOD WE TRUST issued in 1866; however, there is a No Motto 1866 San Francisco coin because the new dies did not arrive on time.

The largest Civil War Half Dollar mintage was in 1861 with 2,887,400 coins minted at Philadelphia. That same year, 2,532,633 half dollars were minted at the New Orleans Mint. That mintage can be divided into three groups. The first consists of 330,000 coins struck for the Federal government. Following that 1,240,000 coin were struck for the State of Louisiana after secession. After Louisiana joined the Confederacy, 962,633 coins were struck. Since all of them were struck as 1861-O coins, it is impossible to tell one from another. However, there is an 1861-O half dollar with a cracked obverse die. It is the same die that was used to coin the Confederate Pattern Half Dollar, which has a very distinctive reverse. The lowest mintage Civil War Half Dollar was 379,100 made in 1864. Civil War Half Dollar Proof coins were minted for each of the five Civil War years. They range from a high of 1,000 to a low of 460.

Indian Head Cent

1861 Indian Head Cent

1862 Indian Head Cent

1863 Indian Head Cent

1864 Indian Head Cent - 1864 Copper-Nickel Cent

1864 Bronze Indian Head Cent With L

1865 Indian Head Cent

Civil War Gold Dollars

1861 Gold Dollar

1861-D Gold Dollar

1862 Gold Dollar

1863 Gold Dollar

1864 Gold Dollar

1865 Gold Dollar

Civil War Quarter Eagles

1861 Quarter Eagle

1861-S Quarter Eagle

1862 Quarter Eagle

1862-S Quarter Eagle

1863 Quarter Eagle

1863-S Quarter Eagle


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