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1879-O Double Eagle

Longacre’s Liberty Head Type 3 Double Eagle (1877-1907): The design change that brought about the Type 3 Double Eagle was the denomination. It went from TWENTY D. to TWENTY DOLLARS. Like the addition of the motto to the reverse of the previous Double Eagle, it did not cause any major change in the rest of the coin’s design. William Barber who by then was the Engraver following Longacre’s death in 1869 made the modification. Later, his son Charles further modified the reverse of the Double Eagle by smoothing the back of the eagle’s neck. Many of the twentieth century Double Eagle Coins have the new reverse, but some were made from left over hubs and have the 1899 reverse.

During this time period there were extremes of coin mintage. There were several years that saw Double Eagles’ mintages of over a million and even two million coins. However, the largest was 1904, which had a mintage of 6,256,699. Many of these were saved in European banks and are available in quantity today. On the other hand, there were great rarities created by low mintages. In 1886 there were only 1,000 coins minted, and that was the third lowest. The years 1885 and 1882 saw 751 and 571 respectively. Of course authentication is required for these rarities because the S mint mark could easily be removed from the common dates of 1885-S and the 1882-S.

Edge: Reeded
Weight: 33.436 grams (516 grains) (1.075 troy ounces)
Diameter: 34 millimeters
Composition: 90% gold, 10% copper
Gold Content: 30.093 grams (464.4 grains) (0.9675 troy ounces)

1879-O Double Eagle: Very low mintage; only about 150 known in all grades; usually seen in VF to XF condition; the finest certified is a single MS63 example.


1879-O Double Eagle - Type 3 Double Eagles - New Orleans Mint

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