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1793 Great Britain, Conder Token, Thomas Paine, End of Pain - The Wrongs of Man
The Wrongs of Man Paine Token

A token coin of great historical significance. Firstly some backround information:

Thomas Paine, known as the Godfather of the American Revolution who, Curtis P. Nettels of Cornell University, in The Roots of American Civilization (1946) stigmatizes as a "restless English adventurer in radicalism and idealism," and credits Common Sense, the most important single piece of literature for independence in the arsenal of the radicals of 1776, as having been "written in a rough, vigorous, flamboyant style that drove home with fierce blows the necessity of independence." is apparently the person whom the British government directed this incredibly historical condor token to.

The "End of Pain" symbolizing the hanging of this great revolutionary and characterizing his book "The Rights of Man" with "The Wrongs of Man" shown on the reverse of the coin. After the American Revolution, Paine traveled to France seeking continued support for the new America. In July 1791 Paine was a prime mover in the organization of the Republican Society which aimed at the overthrow of monarchy and establishment of a French Republic.

At the time, many who were later to become Jacobins were still hesitant about advocating the abolition of monarchy, but the Republican Society placarded Paris with a manifesto written by Paine demanding the abdication of the king and elimination of the office.

In November of the same year, back in London, Paine was guest of honor at the annual dinner of the Revolution Society formed to commemorate the English Revolution of 1688. There he made a speech toasting "The Revolution of the World" - the first man to raise that slogan, according to some historians. His remarks were noted and added to the dossier of the British government's preparations to arrest him for sedition.

Part II of The Rights of Man was a continuation of the attack on monarchy and aristocracy, and was dedicated to Lafayette. Its publication early in 1792 evoked a veritable lynch campaign against Paine in England. Burke's supporters instigated public protest meetings, book-burnings of The Rights of Man, and the distribution of medallions bearing slogans like "The End of Pain," "The Wrongs of Man," and "We dance; Paine swings." Paine's publisher was arrested for printing seditious literature, and the legal sale of the book was stopped by royal proclamation. Black market sales continued however. . Paine fought the attack on his writings, distributing free copies of The Rights of Man and encouraging his supporters to stand up for his ideas at meetings called to incite feeling against them.

Thomas Paine, hero of freedom, revolution and of America gave everything to the cause of freedom and liberty seekers everywhere, died at June 8, 1809 at his home at 59 Grove St, New York City.

Click Here for a great historical memento of one of America's founders, in very good - fine condition. Nice original surfaces. A treasure for the collector, numismatist, investor.

For more information on Thomas Paine and the American Revolution Click Here

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1793 Great Britain Token End of Pain - The Wrongs of Man

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