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The U.S. Rare Coin Investments “Photo-Specimen”

Welcome to Photo-Specimen. A Photo-Specimen is a laminated 8 ½” x 11” portfolio of your rare coin that will be specially made for you. These portfolios can be prepared for coins that you purchase from USRCI or certified coins that are already in your possession. The Photo Specimen, prepared by our seasoned numismatists, consists of several high resolution full color digital, actual sized and enlarged images of your coin with significant additional information. USRCI PHOTO SPECIMEN

Up to date research will include the background of the coin, the designer, and the times to enliven the numismatic history of the piece. The coin will be described in specific, numismatic detail with an analysis of its luster, toning, strike, grading, and rarity.

Specifications and a bibliography are added. Provenance, variety attribution, and population numbers are also included when applicable. Duplicate images are available for digital delivery. The service will be provided for all coins certified by PCGS, NGC, ANACS and ICG.



Advantages of Photo Specimen

  • The high resolution digital images allow you to enjoy your coin while it remains safely in your vault or safety deposit box.
  • For insurance purposes you have a documented record of the coin including high resolution color images of the piece and its holder.
  • The close-up image allows you to study the coin’s variety. An unattributed coin can be identified from its photo.
  • Digital images of your coin can be sent to any email address. Friends, insurance companies, and dealers can see your coins without the inconvenience of shipping them for inspection.


Ordering a Photo Specimen Portfolio

15 Business Days
2 close-ups obverse, reverse, history description, variety, designer, provenance, etc.
7 Business Days
Duplicate of original Photo Specimen
7 Business Days
Digital copy of your Photo Specimen delivered to any email address

USRCI PHOTO SPECIMENNote: Coins certified and encapsulated by all of the major grading services are eligible for Photo Specimen presentations including PCGS, NGC, ANACS, and ICG.

Photo Specimen service is available for all United States coins listed in the Guide Book of United States Coins (The Red Book). It is also available for all non-US coins sold by USRCI. (Fees are higher for non-US coins.) The service may be available for other coins as well. Please contact Tom Pilitowski at info@usrarecoininvestments.com for further information.

To order a Photo Specimen for coins in your possession, send the coin or coins to USRCI via insured mail. CLICK HERE for specific shipping instructions.

Example of actual Photo-Specimen


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