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1829 Quarter Eagle - The 1829 quarter eagle had an original mintage of 3,403 pieces. Because of the reduced diameter, the size of the design and lettering had to decrease. For all of the quarter eagles from 1829 to 1834, there were six obverse dies used with only two reverses. For the most part, these gold pieces did not circulate widely, and those that did traded at more than face value. Since some federal legislators were able to receive their pay in gold coin, and since some pieces were set aside as gifts, we have survivors remaining today.

William Kneass, who became Engraver after Scot’s death, was given the responsibility of improving the coinage without redesigning it. He modified the quarter eagle by reducing the size of the letters, dates, and stars. He also changed the portrait of Liberty.

In 1828 a technical change came to the Mint. Although no quarter eagles were made that year, all other coins were made with a collar die, which ensured a uniform diameter. Prior to this innovation, diameters varied depending on the pressure of the coining press or the thickness of the planchet. Previously the edge was finished with either ornamentation, lettering, or as in the case of quarter eagles, with reeding that was imparted in a separate process before actual striking of the coin. The new collar had edge reeding already cut into it. When the coin was struck, the metal flowed into the grooves, which simultaneously crated reeding on the coin. The new collar also gave the struck coins a higher rim to protect the design. The 1829 quarter eagle was the first of the denomination to use the new technology. Because the diameter became smaller, the thickness increased.

Eight to the proofs of this date are thought to exist; however, most of them are impaired.

Weight: 4.37 grams
Composition: .9167 gold, .0833 silver and copper
Diameter: 18.2 millimeters
Edge: reeded

Early Quarter Eagles


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