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1831 Quarter Eagle - The 1831 quarter eagle had a mintage of 4,520. Like its Capped Head predecessors, the 1831 quarter eagle is a rarity in any condition. The combination of low mintage and melting for bullion caused the scarcity of these coins. However, those of this date that are available are in mint state more than any other issue of the series. Those pieces that are not in mint state are usually attainable in upper circulated grades. They are usually well struck.

Proofs are even rarer with five or six estimated to exist.

One of the more interesting coins of this date is a quarter eagle that is struck on a dime planchet. Both planchet sizes were close with the dime at 18.5 millimeters and the quarter eagle at 18.2 millimeters. An unstruck dime planchet could have found its way into a seam of a hopper at the Mint and later been struck by the quarter eagle dies. The piece that exists was circulated as a dime and shows considerable wear. It was found in a bag of silver in north Texas. A higher grade but similar piece was in the King Farouk collection. This piece has been listed and delisted as a pattern. Taxay listed it as an error coin in 1976.

Weight: 4.37 grams
Composition: .9167 gold, .0833 silver and copper
Diameter: 18.2 millimeters
Edge: reeded

Early Quarter Eagles


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