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Coin Market Update Post Long Beach
Dealers were left frustrated at last weeks long beach convention. The biggest problem with the coin business at this stage is lack of fresh material coming into the marketplace and that means a lot of material goes from dealer to dealer, back and forth searching for a home. What does this tell you? Well what we know is that once the material is passed on from 2nd and 3rd tier dealers, it means that this is material that fails to meet the criteria of the end marketplace, ie: collectors and investors. Hence the ol' let's see if someone new stops buy who doesn't know" and we'll offer it. Not good if you just happen to be that person stopping by.
Dated St Gaudens: Where are they? Oh there are a few coins out there that were in lesser grade "holders" not miraculously appearing in higher grade ones at higher prices but a lot of us see this and pass accordingly. There are also a few nose bleed high end coins (at nose bleed prices too) available but the better dated Saints for under 25,000.00 just don't appear often and when they do, there seems to be a long line waiting to be the lucky ones to write the check and own them.
Early (pre-1838) gold: A 1st tier dealer in the northeast just picked up a VERY interesting deal on a few of these. (shhhhhh). Should be on the marketplace in a week, and if you are seriously interested in making a fine investment and have the ability to act quickly, you should call us NOW as these won't last long and the ones that get shuffled around in a few weeks will most likely be at a price that will be looking for the same guys mentioned in the first paragraph.
Commems: Where is the demand on these??? Only your dealer knows for sure and he's not talking. There seems to be a psycho mentality on the modern stuff as well as state quarters and common material in high grades that have seemingly taken the center stage in this area..why? There are incredible values on these coins to be had and although we at US Rare Coin Investments have our favorites (and are securing positions in them), these coins are just so damn cheap in the real world, it's baffling why the phone isn't ringing off the wall with people looking to pick up 10-20-50K worth of these to make what many of us think will be a great medium term buy-sell at a good profit.
Patterns: Wow are these bringing home the bacon price wise. If you have these and they don't need to be surgically removed, you should seriously sell them as quickly as you can before the bubble bursts. Honestly folks, we've liked Pattern coins for a long long time, but at these prices we like selling them even more.
That's the way we see it from here.
Thomas M. Pilitowski
U.S. Rare Coin Investments
P.O. Box 496607
Port Charlotte, Florida 33949
Tel: 941-629-4765
Fax: 941-629-6532
Toll Free: 1-800-624-1870
Email: thecoinguy1955@yahoo.com

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