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Coin Market Report: July 5th 2003
Hello all, and happy 4th of July. Anyone who's been involved as an investor or collector in numismatics and bullion that has kept abreast of the real market, as well as taking the actions required to make adjustments and changes to their holdings are pretty happy these days We are seeing a continuance of growth in the size of the foundation of interested investors and collectors (BUYERS) which is having an impact in almost all areas of coins and if you aren't watching closely, or aren't getting real time, reality based information, you're missing out on what could become the longest sustained growth the coin business has ever seen. Information from qualified sources is key.
We at US Rare Coin Investments have been in this business professionally since 1979, and along with our associates, are privy to literally hundreds of millions of dollars a year in business being done. (really) We also have developed and maintain close working relationships with professionals not only in the coin/metals business but in so many other pertinent sectors of the economy from real estate, stocks and commodities to retail, medical and other professions that we represent a vast network of information that you can benefit yourself and families by being plugged in. An astute investor/client/dealer remarked to the writer a few weeks ago "guys like me are looking for guys like you to do business with, but how do we find guys like you?" This has prompted me to start writing in earnest as well as partner with a number of other professionals in getting this information disseminated to as many people as possible to which this is the first of many in formatives and reports you will start to see on a consistent basis, so do sign up at the appropriate place to receive it so you're not left behind.
Due to space and time limitations, the reports you see here will although be specific in nature, are broad based in scope and in-depth analysis, opinions, feedback etc will be available to only those who sign up separately and individually.
The Numismatics/metals arena is forging ahead. Here are a few updates that are important:
Dated St Gaudens: Week after week, month after month it remains clear that either these coins do not exist, or there is so much demand that the few better coins are bought quietly, over the phone or in hotel rooms at the major shows so that the "lookers and shoppers" don't even get offered these coins or when they do get offered, it's usually from 3rd or 4th tier salesman or dealers who are so far out of the loop (and price/grade reality) that their buried at 50% over the reality of the market before they see even money on their investments. Case in point, we were offered a better date early "S" mint coin, considered to be one of the great rarities in the series a couple weeks ago to which we passed on, and we've since seen the same coin in a still higher grade holder at over 100% more than what we could have bought the coin at and passed! Be careful!
Early (pre-1838) gold: The small collection of these great coins we mentioned a couple of weeks ago have already been dispersed and never saw the light of day except for one coin we personally handled and watched re-appear where it is now being offered by a firm for a significant premium. A close and personal source is offering us a collection of early eagles and half eagles to which we have possession of and we will hopefully be making an acceptable offer to the owner of these soon. Besides this collection, we are unaware of any fresh material in this area, anywhere.
Commems: Our positions on these are clear. These coins are cheap. Too cheap. Such a good value that we are personally involved in numerous positions for specific coins in specific grades and in our opinion, and yes we put our money where our mouth is, represent one of the best buys in the entire industry. Remember, we are not bullish across the board. Nor are the contacts we know. There are specific coins that in our opinion are the equivalent of buying gold at 32.00 an ounce.
Silver Dollars: Always have and always will have a large following. The base of interest in these coins, particularly from people who are interested in completing sets of Morgan's and Peace dollars as well as "sub sets" of these coins is increasing. Premium quality business strikes as well as Proofs are getting hard to find and investors are starting to get really serious about adding these coins to longer-term portfolios. Bust and Flowing hair dollars which have seen quite a nice run the last couple years are starting to appear for sale in the market. It's the investor/collector who are selling who in our opinion are selling too soon.
Patterns: A few seasoned and knowledgeable very deep pocketed collectors have come into this market in the last few weeks and are buying! This caught us off guard. They are selling their more common holdings (a significant quantity) and are buying or looking to buy some of the blockbusters that are rarely seen. Watch the whipsaw here.
Metals: Wow what an active market this is. Prices are a little lower this week, could represent a real buying opportunity. Most people in the know are looking at buying in quantities. Considering the increasing debt as well as a weak dollar, coupled with the Chinese who are buying gold in a big way, this area should remain bullish for quite some time. This will create an even larger base of new investors in Numismatics as time goes on.
That's the way we see it from here.
Thomas M. Pilitowski
U.S. Rare Coin Investments
P.O. Box 496607
Port Charlotte, Florida 33949
Tel: 941-629-4765
Fax: 941-629-6532
Toll Free: 1-800-624-1870
Email: thecoinguy1955@yahoo.com

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