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September 27, 2008

Coin Portfolio Outpaces Stock Performance

Dear Fellow Collector and Customer,

Here's some interesting news for you regarding the performance of rare coin investments over a period of time. The article is too long for us to include in the body of this email so please note the link at the bottom of the article, click on it and it will take you to the full story on our website.

We live in very unsettling financial times. It seems that people in the USA have forgotten what made this country the greatest place in world history and are increasingly leaning toward more and more socialism. This flip over to socialism is having a great impact on our investments. More socialism = less prosperity. Less socialism = More Prosperity. My goal is to not debate socialism but to illuminate how this is all affecting our rare coin and precious metals investments. We at US Rare Coin Investments have had the best year ever and it appears that there's greater and greater reasons for people to own gold, silver and other precious metals and especially Numismatics which just may be the last bastion of private and free enterprise left in the country.

So read on, call us with questions, take a look at our inventory which I believe you will find is in the top 3 or 4 best rare coin inventories in the country. So whether you are just getting started in rare coins, collect or invest in gold coins, or are a seasoned collector or dealer, we stand ready to supply you with the best material, the highest quality rare coins, at the most competitive prices anywhere.

If you are selling, please consider the fact that we are interested in buying your entire collection outright or will help place your coins at the best possible coin auction company at most favorable consignment fees.

Don't miss out on what just may be the most historic times we have ever experienced in the rare coin business. Stake your claim today!

Best Regards!

Tom Pilitowski
Toll Free: 1-800-624-1870
Email: tompilitowski@yahoo.com

Coin Portfolio Outpaces Stock Performance
By David L. Ganz, Numismatic News
September 25, 2008

For some 30 years, this is the season to look back on a market basket that gave important, symbolic meaning to the rare coin market and set coin investment aside as a growth industry. In the process, it attracted Wall Street to rare coins as an alternative investment vehicle.

Newsflash that a market basket had been established by the white shoe investment banking firm of Salomon Brothers came in 1978. The tip-off came when the economic review publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston published an academic article calling attention to an annual study being prepared under the aegis of R.S. Solomon, a managing director of the firm looking for new investment vehicles.

Salomon was looking at stock and bond prices - the Dow Jones industrial average had gone from 831 in 1977 to 816 in 1978, then up to 839 the following year - and sensing that there had to be investment vehicles that made better rates of return than a then-stagnant market.

Rare coins were coming into their own as an investment vehicle; there were some SEC filings for limited partnerships. There was also a push from larger firms who outreached to collectors with telemarketing. There was a lot of direct mail that was geared toward a program of investing in numismatic product.


CLICK HERE to read the full story

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