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High Relief - High Relief Double Eagle
High Relief
The 1907 High Relief double eagle has been a collectors and investors favorite for many years. History, Art and Value are words that come to mind when describing this issue. Popular since its creation, it was the result of the wish of President Theodore Roosevelt for a coinage that the nation could be proud of. The result, designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens has been classified as a true masterpiece, and is considered by many to be the most beautiful coin ever produced by the United States Mint. Minted in limited quantities over 100 years ago, it has been revived by the modern Mint, and its legacy continues.

The High Relief double eagle is a coin which is always in demand for its beauty and value. This website will give you more information on the history, background and characteristics of the High Relief. The personal and professional life of the designer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens is featured. He was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1848, son of a French father and Irish mother. During his life, he frequently travelled back to Europe and become one of the most important and well-known artists of his day. His statues and other works are highly prized to this day, and have become a point of inspiration for many young artists.

One of Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ most famous creations, the High Relief has proven to be a very safe investment in both short and long term holdings. Compared to other investment commodities, its value has been stable, and at most times increasing. Because of this, more investors have discovered the potential of the High Relief in recent times. However, not every High Relief is the same, and some knowledge of the background, characteristics and grading standards is important to make an investment in High Reliefs a potentially rewarding one.

Knowledge of the High Relief will make a big difference in the enjoyment one has in numismatics, or the potential opportunities with a varied portfolio. Make yourself familiar with the information that is available on the High Relief, and continue to learn. Making a difference is very important in many aspects of life. When it comes to High Reliefs, this difference will be rewarding, and brings with it lots of fun and knowledge about this much discussed gold coin from the early 20th century. It is one of those coins of which every serious collector and investor should own an example.

1907 High Relief Includes Ultra-High Reliefs, High Reliefs, and Arabic Numeral varieties. 1907 $20 High Relief NGC PF63

High Relief - High Relief Double Eagle - High Relief Saint Gaudens
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