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Classic Head Quarter Eagles

The Classic Head Quarter Eagle or Classic Head No Motto on Reverse quarter eagles were minted from 1834 to 1839. William Kneass created the Classic Head motif by using an earlier design by John Reich for the 1808 cent.

Kneass’ design shows a youthful portrait of Liberty in profile facing left, her curly hair bound with a LIBERTY inscribed ribbon. She is surrounded by thirteen six-pointed stars with the date below. The reverse shows the heraldic eagle perched on an olive branch holding three arrows, its head facing left with its wings upraised. The motto E PLURIBUS UNUM that was on earlier issues is no longer present. The required inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is around the edge of the design, and the denomination written as 2 ½ D. is below. Dentils are around the peripheries of both sides of the coin.

Because gold quarter eagles did not circulate at face value, the Mint lowered the weight requirement for gold coins in June 1834. Now at a weight of 4.18 grams and a fineness of .8992 gold with a reduced diameter, the quarter eagle circulated widely until the beginning of the Civil War.

Weight: 4.18 grams
Composition: .8992 gold, .1008 silver and copper (changed to .900 gold in 1837)
Diameter: 18.2 millimeters
Edge: reeded

1834 Quarter Eagle No motto on reverse.
1835 Quarter Eagle  
1836 Quarter Eagle Found with Normal and Fancy 8's in the date.
1837 Quarter Eagle  
1838 Quarter Eagle  
1838-C Quarter Eagle  
1839 Quarter Eagle  
1839-C Quarter Eagle  
1839-D Quarter Eagle  
1839-O Quarter Eagle  
Classic Head Quarter Eagles


Quarter Eagle - Classic Head $2-1/2 Dollars - Classic Head Quarter Eagles

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