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1879-O Gold Eagle

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1879-O $10
Inquire $7,750.00
1879-O Gold Eagle, NGC XF45 CAC. From an original mintage of just 1,500 pieces, this coin is one of an estimated 125 coins still in existence in all grades. Most of these pieces show excessive marks from circulation, making correctly graded coins rare.

The low mintage of this issue from the New Orleans Mint is only passed by the rare 1883-O eagle, which only had 800 coins struck. This is the 2nd lowest mintage of any gold coin from the New Orleans Mint, and examples are thus very desirable. While the larger double eagles usually attract more attention, a full set of New Orleans eagles, in any grade, is a real accomplishment.

Most New Orleans gold coins have either been cleaned or excessively dipped. As a result, truly original pieces are rare, usually accounting for only a few percent of the remaining survivors. The invitation of grading companies, and the on going search for higher grade pieces as opened a whole new concept of cleaning and upgrading coins, in hopes of a higher graded.

The present piece is very original and rare as such. Original reddish toning is seen on both sides, with the original deep yellow gold also visible at points. Sharply struck, this piece shows much less wear than would be expected for an Extremely Fine grade coin. Deep abrasions are usually seen for this issue, but this example is remarkably free of them. Only the obverse shows some marks in front of the eagle, but still much less deep than regularly found. A very fresh and bold piece seldom found in such a lovely state of perseveration.

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