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1848 Quarter Eagle

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1848 $2.5
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One of the top sleeper coins in any series. The TOTAL population from both NGC and PCGS of 1848 quarter eagles are as follows. 112 -No Cal, 104- Cal. Yet the trends price for a Cal in AU-50 is $50,000.00 (And they sell for that) while trends on the No Cal are $1750.00. Does something appear to be a mistake here? You bet.

Now check auction prices realized on the two varieties of this date. Cals readily sell for these numbers Ladies and Gentlemen. The present specimen is not only a moose it’s a mistake in the holder. Graded only AU-50 in what is commonly referred to as an OGH (Old Green Holder), this canary yellow rarity really is an AU-55 coin.

The nicest about uncirculated specimen we’re seen in a couple of years in fact. We are undecided as to whether we are going to crack it out and resubmit it or bestow some genuine good deed on a lucky collector somewhere and sell it in the holder it’s in. Get ready though, just because everyone else was asleep at the wheel at the Heritage Auction doesn’t mean we were. Heck, we bought it and will offer it for what it’s worth and give someone a great deal to boot. Call for price.

Happy Collecting,
Thomas M. Pilitowski
U.S. Rare Coin Investments
P.O. Box 496607
Port Charlotte, Florida 33949
Tel: 941-629-4765
Fax: 941-629-6532
Toll Free: 1-800-624-1870
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