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1866-S No Motto Double Eagle

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1866-S No Motto $20
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The 1866-S No Motto has long been regarded as one of the rarest San Francisco Mint double eagles. Akers writes "This issue is very rare in any condition, second among S-Mint issues only to the 1861-S Paquet ... In rarity according to average grade, the 1866-S No Motto is tied for first with the 1870-CC and 1871-CC. It is also at the top based on rarity in high grade ... The 1866-S No Motto is typically VF and heavily bag marked. A strictly graded EF is very rare and, above that level, the 1866-S No Motto is excessively rare and, for all practical purposes, unobtainable."

Truly a remarkable coin, one which will find its way into the most developed and substantive numismatic cabinets. Earlier in 2007 another specimen saw the light of day at auction and sold for just under 200K. The present specimen displays pristine surfaces with an absolutely minimal amount of abrasions and other surface imperfections rendering this price as very choice about uncirculated and reaching a similar consensus by PCGS who encapsulated the coin About Uncirculated 58 and condition census as such with 5 being graded as such by each of the 2 major grading services with only 1 graded higher. Truly a historic offering.

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