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1874-CC Double Eagle

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1874-CC $20
Inquire $5,900.00
1874-CC Double Eagle, NGC AU55. 1874 marked the first year that double eagle production rose above 100,000 coins at the Carson City Mint. The fabled facility in Nevada struck a total of 115,085 double eagles that year, most of them being in superior quality compared to the previous years.

This is the first double eagle from the Carson City Mint that is seen with some frequency. An estimated number of 2,000 pieces exist in all grades, mostly EF to AU. In Mint State it remains to be a true rarity and pieces finer than the present coin are seldom encountered. This is one of only a couple of issues from the Carson City Mint that make a type two double eagle from this Mint somewhat affordable, although they remain scarce and always in demand.

Gold coins from the Carson City Mint are always in demand, and during the last couple of decades prices have not come down as other series have. This makes the coins to be perfect investor coins, coupled with the fact that there is always a special story to tell about them. The Carson City mint brings up memories of the old wild west, and 1960’s television series by most people.

The present coin, certified by NGC as AU-55 looks AU-58 to us. Only the slightest wear is seen on both sides, but coupled with the slightly weak strike at the centers made NGC think otherwise. This weak strike however, is common on these gold coins and does not take away anything from its value. Dark yellow gold color on both sides, which exhibit near full luster. A totally original coin, with nice surfaces and only the usual bag marks visible from transportation out of the Carson City era by horse and wagon.

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