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1893-CC Double Eagle

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1893-CC $20
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1893-CC Double Eagle NGC MS63. 1893 was the final year of coinage at the now beloved Carson City Mint in Nevada. The natural resources of gold and silver, which was the main reason for the existence of the Mint, had run out and deposits declined rapidly. As a result, the Mint that is in most collectors minds with a romantic view was closed, and a special period of American coinage ended.

With a mintage of 18,402 coins, of which an estimated total of 1,000 to 1,200 are known to exist in all grades, this piece is somewhat less rare than can be expected for the mintage. Yet, pieces are always in demand, as it is also one of the more available Carson City double eagles and collectors seeking a high quality example of these issues will usually settle for this issue. The fact that it is not the most common Carson City double eagle does not outweigh the attraction the low mintage has to most collectors.

An estimated 450 to 500 are known in all uncirculated grades, but the large majority of these are in MS-60 and MS-61 grades. Most were mistreated soon after their mintage, acquiring many bag marks from handling. As a result, MS-62 pieces are very scarce, and in MS-63 this issue is very rare, with less than two dozen known at that grade level.

The final year of coinage brought out the best of the Mint employees. Most double eagles, as well as the other issues from this year are of exceptional quality. Weak strikes, non-lustrous surfaces and badly alloyed planchets are virtually non existent. This is the absolute opposite of the first issues from this Mint, struck in the early 1870’s. Most of those coins also circulated heavily, as coins were scarce in western commerce.

The present offering represents a rare opportunity to acquire one of the finest known 1893-CC double eagles. Only one piece is graded fine, which is also one of only three MS-64 Carson City double eagles certified by either PCGS or NGC. Fully lustrous and exhibiting bold details, with no distractive, deep contact marks usually found on these soft gold coins. An excellent coin that is destined to hold its value for now and future generations.

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