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1860-S Three Dollars Gold

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1860-S $3
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1860-S Three Dollars Gold NGC VF30 CAC. By 1860, California had changed from a regular state with a large number of citizens and pioneers that no one had expected 15 years earlier. The discovery of gold in 1848 had led to a major emigration rush to the most western area of the continent, and soon gold coinage was abundant in all places, even the tiniest mining camp.

In 1860, the San Francisco Mint had already been open for six years, most of the small mining camps were abandoned and major companies had taken over the mining activities. As a result, life was becoming normal in the state, and the $3 gold piece was used.

Introduced in 1854, this unusual denomination was meant to make it easy to acquire sheets of 100 3 cent piece, the most frequently used stamp of the time. While this might sound strange in modern times, postage was very important in the lives of 19th century Americans. No other communication methods existed, and the people had to rely on the mail system to get in touch with family for away.

The present piece, one of only a few branch mint issues of this denomination, with only 7,000 pieces struck, circulated for some time in the western states. As a result, wear is seen on both sides, as can be expected. A few tiny hairlines show, not from cleaning but from normal circulation. Toned to a very nice yellow-brown color, this coin is a premium example of this forgotten denomination. Completely original and scarce as such. Certified by CAC for premium quality, this coin is sure to please any collector of 19th century gold.

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