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1883 Three Dollars Gold

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1883 $3
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1883 Three Dollars Gold PCGS MS63 CAC. From a miniscule mintage of 900 pieces, this choice uncirculated gold piece is one of an estimated 175 to 235 coins that exist in all grades.

The $3 gold series is one of the denominations which qualify for the lowest average mintage for each date. Especially in the last decade of production, mintages for these gold pieces were scarcely over 1,000 coins. Never very popular since their introduction in 1854, these pieces scarcely circulated and were not needed in general commerce, where the quarter and half eagles served the need for commerce and trade.

Although its mintage would suggest otherwise, prooflike coins are not as abundant as one would guess. For some reason, the dies soon lost their polish, making most coins somewhat dull in appearance. The present coin is a true exception to this, as both obverse and reverse are fully prooflike, indicating that this was one of the first coins to come of these dies.

Approved and Stickered by CAC, the present specimen was certified by PCGS in the early 1990’s, as can be seen by the old green holder or OGH as they are commonly referred to in the business. Popular with all collectors, many of these coins are premium quality and this piece is no exception. This coin is nicer than the technical grade. Lustrous surfaces, original and pretty yellow color shows on the sharply struck devices. A premium quality coin of this very scarce $3.00 gold issue!

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