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1800 Half Eagle

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1800 Half Eagle (BD-4, R-4) PCGS AU58 CAC. A variety easily identified by the terminal state of the reverse die. Only one variety is known that was made using this reverse die, which developed die cracks and later two cuds near the periphery.

The obverse die was used the strike the majority of 1800 half eagles, and is easily identified by the missing serif of the 1 in the date. The dies clashed several times during its usage, and several clash marks are seen on the present coin.

The reverse die is the last time it was used, and the terminal die state of the die. A cud has developed over NIT in UNITED, and a second cud can be seen developing over the first T in STATES. The M in AMERICA is strongly repunched, still evident on the present coin. Some consider this to be a large over small M, although this theory is still disputed.

Stickered by CAC for exceptional quality, we can absolutely agree with this. Fully struck with lustrous surfaces, only the slightest luster breaks on the highest points keep this coin out of a mint state holder. Presumably in several old-time collections, it can be assumed that this friction comes from handling by collectors, and not from actual circulation. A rare opportunity to acquire a premium quality, over 200 year old gold coin!

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