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1813 Half Eagle

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1813 $5
NCS AU Details
Inquire $9,750.00
1813 Half Eagle (BD-1, R-2) NCS AU Details. The more available of the two varieties for the year, which saw the introduction of the small capped bust design. A very scarce type, this is a coin that is usually included as the representative for this year, as the other dates range from very scarce to extremely rare.

Only one obverse die was used to strike the full mintage of 95,428 coins. This particular variety is thus identified by the reverse die. This is BD-1, with the first S in STATES to the right of the E in E PLURIBUS UNUM. On the BD-2 variety, which is seldom offered, the S is centered above the E.

Approximately 70 to 80% of the mintage is the present variety, with a total of 450-650 pieces known in all grades. Most of these entered circulation, acquired wear and/or were later melted for their gold content. As a result, survivors are scarce and this type can be considered to be one of the rarest, if not the rarest types of early gold coinage.

While net graded by NCS for being “scratched”, in reality this coin was lightly wiped long ago. The coin exhibits full luster, and thus could be considered uncirculated. Apparently, NCS does not agree with us on this part. Original surfaces show, with a strong strike. Light yellow color on the obverse, somewhat darker on the reverse. A great representative of this very rare type, seldom offered in this state of perseveration.

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