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1835 Quarter Eagle

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1835 $2.5
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1835 Quarter Eagle (McCloskey-1, R-2) PCGS MS63. The classic head quarter eagles is a very short but interesting gold set. Produced for only six short years, the total set consists of 11 coins, struck at four different Mints. While the Philadelphia Mint struck coins for all years, the other branch Mints did not open until 1838.

This issue is one of the larger mintages, with 131,402 pieces struck for circulation. Of those, some went in circulation in general commerce, but most stayed only in general business between banks. As a result, while heavily circulated coins are not commonly found, most show extensive bag marks from handling. This makes this a very hard type to find in choice mint state grades.

This is the variety identified by John McCloskey as number 1. The key diagnostic for this variety is the very widely spaced letters A and M in AMERICA on the reverse. This is the same die that was used in the previous year to strike the 1834 quarter eagles. Although that issue has a lower mintage, the 1835 is generally considered to be the scarcest of the trio of 100,000 + mintages struck at the Philadelphia Mint.

The present coin is a premium quality example of this overlooked series. While the obverse displays some bagmarks that account for the grade, the reverse is noticeably free of this common found problem with these soft gold coins. A needle sharp impression is noted on both sides, with only the center of the obverse somewhat weak. This is commonly found, and the case on the majority, if not all known examples of this type. The coin is a super frosty example with full luster, a true highlight of this magnificent coin.

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