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1861 1C CSA Restrike

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1861 1C CSA Restrike
Inquire $59,900.00

1861 Confederate 1C Restrike PCGS PR-65RB. A true gem, this confederate cent only saw ca. 12 original pieces struck in 1861. This was done by Philadelphia engraver and die-sinker Robert Lovett Jr., after being ordered to do so by CSA agents. As he feared prosecution by the United States government, Lovett hid all coins, dies and related items in his cellar until after the war.

In 1874, after Lovett mistakenly spent one of the original cents which he was carrying as a pocket-piece, on a drink, the originals came to the daylight. Captain John W. Haseltine bought 10 or 11 originals, the original dies and some related documentation. In March 1874, he started restriking the confederate cents in copper, silver and gold.

After either the 55th or 56th copper strike, one of the dies badly broke and coinage was terminated and never restarted. As a result, unlike the planned number of 500 restrikes, only 56 were produced, at most. The dies were saved, and 100 years after the originals were struck, another restrike was made using badly damaged dies. These, made by Robert Bashlow are easily distinguished from the “original” restrikes, as they show die damage as die breaks, cuds and the like. The dies were eventually gifted to the Smithsonian institution, where they still remain.

The present piece is a true gem. Lightly toned, nice original red color remains on both sides. No major hits are noted on either the obverse or the reverse, making this one of the finest pieces still in existence. Some small spots on the obverse and reverse are the only things that limit the grade. A great find for the collector or investor who wishes to own a piece of Confederate and US history.

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