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1915-S Pan Pac Octag $50
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1915-S Pan Pac Octag $50
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1915-S Pan Pac Octagonal $50 NCS AU Details (Ex ANS Museum). A wonderful, and large piece of art struck in gold. These were struck to commemorate the opening of the Panama pacific channel, and distributed during a special exposition in San Francisco.

Only 645 pieces were made of the octagonal variety. Designed by Robert Aitken, these show the goddess Minerva on the obverse and an owl, symbol of wisdom on the reverse. Near the border are 8 abstractly dolphins, and the legend on the reverse is “PANAMA-PACIFIC EXPOSITION SAN FRANCISCO”.

The Panama-Pacific exposition was the 1915 worlds fair held in San Francisco. The exhibition was awarded to San Francisco in 1911, after defeating is primary contender, the city of New Orleans. Much of San Francisco was destroyed by the large earthquake in 1906, and this was the chance to show the rebuild city to the world.

The world came to San Francisco, to celebrate and look in awe at spectacular buildings especially erected in a northern part of the city. The exposition ran for almost the full year, and was a big success. There were thousands of exhibits, and many popular attractions. Of all this, the only building, reconstructed as well that is still standing is the palace of arts.

The present piece is a lightly circulated example of this rare commemorative gold coin. Although some very light scratches are present in the left obverse field, this is a wonderful and lustrous example. Boldly struck, with very nice details. Original, darker yellow color shows on both sides. As a bonus, this coin is also ex: ANS museum, making it an even more spectacular piece of art with a rare pedigree.

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