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1869 Gold Dollar

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1869 G$1
Inquire $8,825.00

1869 Gold Dollar PCGS PR61. From an estimated mintage of 25 pieces, this is one of just an estimated 15-18 proof examples remaining. Examples of this rare proof gold coin are seldom seen, but remain relatively affordable. Most likely due to their small size, this leaves chances for calculating collectors.

Proof gold coins from the 19th century are usually regarded as very rare, and with tiny mintages such as this pieces one does not have to wonder long to figure out why. Yet, these pieces are beautiful products of the United States Mint, and every collector or investor should consider obtaining one for their collection or portfolio. Because of its rarity, this issue is seldom offered and destined to hold its value in any coin market.

This is a wonderful example of the so-called type 3 gold dollar, introduced in 1856 and struck until 1889. In that year, the denomination was discontinued along with the similar 3 dollar gold piece. Both were designed by James B. Longacre, one of the premier coin designers this country ever knew. Many coins that circulated in the mid to late 19th century carried designs by Longacre. According to Breen, the gold dollar proofs of his design dated 1869 were struck on February 19 of that year and distributed among the wealthy collectors of the time.

The present piece is sharply struck, showing considerable reflectivity in the fields. Without any doubt a true proof, this is a rare date in both circulation strike and proof format. Seldom offered for auction in any grade, this is a rare opportunity to acquire an extremely rare 140 year old proof gold coin at a very reasonable price for its rarity.

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