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1824/4 Half Dollar

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1824/4 50C
Inquire $2,575.00
1824 50C struck 7% off-center (O-110, R-2) ANACS Fine Details NET VG 8 Cleaned – Although the 1824 half dollar is a common issue among capped bust half dollars, the present piece is a true rarity. Struck approximately 7% off-center, this coin is a rare error of the early US Mint.

Capped bust half dollars rarely survived when struck off-center, and when they do it is no more than a couple degrees. This piece however clearly was struck off-center to the north-west, after which it either stayed in circulation or was carried as a pocket piece for a while.

Struck from the Overton 110 dies, this piece has the last digit of the date repunched over another 4 (although often mistaken for a 1). Another diagnostic for this R-2 variety is a die dot in the reverse field, under the first U in UNUM. Both these diagnostics are clearly visible on this coin.

Lightly cleaned a long time ago, the present piece has now retoned to a darker grey color. No major hits are noted on either side that only shows moderate hairlining from the cleaning. A rare opportunity to acquire an off-center coin in the ever popular bust half dollar series.

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P.O. Box 496607
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