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1912 $2.5 Indian Head Mint Error

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1912 $2.5 Indian Head Mint Error
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1912 Quarter Eagle Struck 5% off-center PCGS AU58. As gold coins are considered to be the prime coinage of a nation, quality control has always been very strict. As a result, any major errors in gold series are rare, especially in comparison to issues of lower denominations.

The present piece, although a common date with 616,000 pieces struck for circulation, thus is a true rarity. When it was struck, the gold planchet was incorrectly placed between the dies, causing the off-center strike. This is especially noticeable on the lower reverse. On the same side, most of the legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has not been struck, in particular the word STATES.

What makes it even more remarkable is the major strike through on the reverse. This would most likely been noticed by quality control, but for some particular reason this piece escaped the melting pot. ( subject to edit ) Maybe this coin was bought from the Mint by an employee, who showed the coin to his family and friends to illustrate what could go wrong in the minting process. As a result, some luster breaks are seen on the highest points, along with a tiny fraction of wear. This is also the reason PCGS gave it an About Uncirculated grade.

The fields are remarkably clean, giving the coin the appearance of a higher grade gold coin. Lustrous, satiny luster is seen on both sides. Sharply struck, all of the incuse design elements are brought up very nicely. While the grade is not so important, this is a rare opportunity to obtain a rare gold error. These are seldom seen, and anyone building a set of off-center pieces of American coinage should seriously consider this Indian quarter eagle error.

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