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1907 High Relief $20, Wire Rim

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1907 High Relief $20
Wire Rim, PCGS MS64
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1907 High Relief Double Eagle, Wire Rim NGC MS64. With a mintage of 12,367 coins for circulation this is the first collectable St. Gaudens double eagle. The majority (approximately 2/3 of the mintage) shows a wire rim, such as the present coin. This rim, called a fin in Mint records can clearly be seen on the present coin.

The St. Gaudens double eagle are regarded to be among the most beautiful of all American coinage. The first issues, technically patterns, were struck in ultra high relief. These are extremely rare, with only an estimated 18 to 20 pieces still known to exist. After the production of these pattern pieces, the designer, Augustus St. Gaudens passed away. As the ultra high relief coins brought too many problems, the relief was lowered. Yet, the beauty of the design was still there, and a true tribute to the designer.

After the first pieces were struck it soon became apparent that 3 blows from the press were needed to bring the details up to the necessary sharpness. As these gold coins needed high speed production, it was decided to strike a limited number of the high relief pieces. After the present coin was struck, the relief was lowered again and with a few minor adjustments, this was the design that was used for coinage until the end of the series in 1933.

One of those adjustments was obvious. The present coin is one of the few US coins that does not have the date in Arabic numerals. The date is in Roman numerals, and appears as MCMVII. This is another factor that has increased demand for these pieces of art, which have been popular since their mintage.

Although not scarce in the absolute term, as an estimated 5,000 pieces still exist in all grades, with many in Mint State, the prices have been fairly high. The coin is needed in a basic type set in US coinage, as well as in full sets of double eagles. As a result, demand has increased, especially after the US Mint decided to resurrect the design for their bullion coins in 1986, and recently for another bullion coin struck in ultra high relief, as the original patterns for this issue.

The present offering represents an opportunity to acquire a near gem example of this very popular issue. Boldly struck, all details show full sharpness. The color is a pleasing an original light yellow gold color, and the surfaces are lustrous. A few tiny marks under Liberty’s left arm are the only reason that keeps this coin out of a higher holder, and even these marks are not very obvious. A great example of this popular and historic issue!

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